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Top 5 Most Popular #MIS3538 Posts and Blogs

It’s been several weeks since I presented a top 5 list for most popular student content in my Social Media Innovation course. Once again David Lamb helped me identify the most popular recent content (from September 21, 2012 to October 13, 2012).

Top 5 Most-Commented on Community Hub Posts

And, an Honorable Mention to Courtney Minich for the most viewed post: Temple Made: Is Temple spending too much money on this campaign?

Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs

  1. Dubai City of Gold by Salman Ghazwani
  2. Feel-Good Social Media by Megan Stephens
  3. Dude… Where is the Party at?? by Adeel Rana
  4. Experience Driven Social Media by Alana Elsey
  5. Makeup Hoarders Anonymous by Juliana Agbo

Congratulations to Salman for repeating in the most viewed blow category and to Megan, Adeel, Alana, and Juliana for their first appearance on the list.