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Are you leaving leads on the floor?

Here’s a simple test that just about anyone working for any organization can take.

Burning Money

by Images_of_Money

  • Head over to your website.
  • Pretend you’re a first time visitor.
  • Pretend you want to make an electronic inquiry.
  • Find the most obvious method of online contact (usually up there in the “About” or “Contact Us” tab).
  • Fill out the form or send off an email. In the notes section ask whoever receives it to call you immediately when they see it.
  • Wait a moment (we’ll still be here).

Have you gotten that call yet? How long do you think is a reasonable wait to hear back?

Just guessing here, but I think most of us would expect–when we contact another organization–to hear back within 24 hours. Are you confident you’ll hear back that soon?

My recent experience has left me pessimistic:

  • Months ago, I filled out the web form for a local pet training service. Never heard back.
  • About the same time, I filled out the web inquiry form for a local contractor. I eventually spoke to them on the phone and they admitted they never check emails.
  • Last week I filled out a web form asking for more information about a piece of real estate for sale. No response.
  • Earlier this week, I sent an email to the address specified on the website of a local medium sized organization. Haven’t heard anything back.

After spending good money to build a website that generates leads, that money is being thrown away.

I work on a college campus. If you’re not prepared to do business online, don’t worry: the students I’m training here are.

They’ll be glad to take those leads off your hands. And, if you never call me back, chances are, they will.

What’s your experience? Are you getting all the leads you’ve paid for?

5 Responses to Are you leaving leads on the floor?

  • Steven, I agree completely. If you’re not going to respond to email, contact forms or help desk tickets, don’t put that method of contact on your website.

    Our internal policy at OurChurch.Com is if someone contacts us during business hours we respond to them by the same medium that day (unless they request otherwise). If they contact us outside business hours it’s the next business day.

  • That’s a great policy Paul. When I’m teaching a course, I try to respond to emails from students within 24 hours.

  • Hi, Steven- I feel your pain. I make my living online and I can’t imagine how anyone can expect to run a business that way. I’ve even had clients (who also presumably make their livings online) tell me that they rarely check their email.

    Hmmm… interesting approach to business. 😉

  • Happens all the time. I print broker as part of my business and I’ve had quote requests never come back for jobs that would have paid over $2000. Oh well…