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Highlighting the Most Popular #MIS3538 Content (so far this semester)

I recently asked David Lamb to analyze our server-wide Google Analytics account and help me identify the most popular Social Media Innovation student posts and blogs so far this semester.

Here’s a list of the 5 most commented on posts at the Course Participation Hub:

  1. LinkedIn, does it even work?  by Camilo Lopez
  2. Social Media and Students  by  Anh Nguyen
  3. Evolution of Social Media Value – Kyle Blackstone
  4. Which company would you work for – by Danielle Domanico
  5. Which Web Browser Best Supports Your Social Media Demands? by Marc Frutchey

And, here are the 5 student blogs with the most views:

  1. Exploring Philadelphia by Camilo A. Lopez
  2. Food Trucks on Campus by James Davanzo
  3. pursuit a healthy college life by Li Jiang
  4. Musings on Mobile by Scott Raff
  5. Sal’s Movie Reviews by Salvatore Caruso

The students have posted a lot of great content. What’s caught your eye?