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Introduction to Popular Social Media Services

The first team assignment in my Social Media Innovation course is to pick an online service and write an introduction to it.

I hope you’ll check them out. Here’s a good set to start with:

  • Foursquare (by Jim Davanzo and Yin Liu)
  • Pinterest (by Emily McFadden and Ancy Thomas)
  • Stumbleupon (by Ryan Williams, James Griffith, and Brian Doria)
  • TripAdvisor (by Kathryn Cudemo, Jonathan Abraham and Julie Ho)
  • Weibo (by Xiujuan Chen, Chunyong Huang, Yixin Lin, and Xin Qu)

And, here’s the rest:

  • Facebook (by Johnie Gray and Laqwonda Wilson)
  • Facebook 2 (by Sunghee Hong, Thomas Lyons, Benny Nasimeuang)
  • Flickr (by Danielle Domanico and Marisol Bautista)
  • FoodSpotting (by Sal Caruso and Jennie Quattrocchi)
  • Instagram (by Bernardo Juncal, Scott Mingora, Tuanh Nguyen, and Alex Schwartz)
  • Reddit (by Scott Raff, Damon Isaac, and Caitlin Carr)
  • Reddit #2 (by Neil Patel, Kyle Blackstone, and Rachel Bitting)
  • Reddit #3 (by Mun Khin Chin, Chunru Liu, Pragya Mantri, and Jielin Zhang)
  • Twitter – Team Yo, South Philly (by Ryan Maguire and Maureen Saraullo)
  • Twitter: Social Media Mafia (by Camilo Lopez, Marc Frutchey, and Rachel Hutchison)
  • YELP (by Anh Nguyen,Li Jiang, and Chen Feng)

Which is your favorite?