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Is Making Money a Good Reason to Start a Blog?

Here’s my answer to today’s question for me at Klout.com:

What advice can you give someone who wants to make money blogging?

If your motivation is making money, blogging is not for you. But, if there is a topic you are passionate about, you can build an audience for your writing, and you’ve got the tenacity to post regularly for at least a year… then advertising and affiliate links may generate a small bit of money.

What do you think? Is it possible to make good money by blogging? If so, how?

44 Responses to Is Making Money a Good Reason to Start a Blog?

  • I agree that making money is not a good reason to start a blog, but I have encountered several people who claim it’s possible to make a full-time living with a blog if you can get enough of a following. I have no idea whether it’s true or not. Most Of the people that I’ve encountered as far as Internet marketing goes have turned out to be scam artists, but I think it might be possible to make a full-time living from a blog, but I don’t think I’m a good enough writer to be able to do it. I also don’t know enough about search engine optimization, and I’m really not interested enough in it to learn, but I do have a blog, and I would like to make some money with it but so far I have not been been able to find appropriate advertising for my blog. Anyway, from what I’ve heard I do believe that it is possible to make large amounts of money with a blog, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort to build up enough of a following to be able to do so. From what I’ve heard, the people who do put effort into their blogs make considerably more than just a small bit of money, but then of course for all we know they could be lying, I have no firsthand evidence on this issue.

    As to the issue of how to make money with a blog. I do understand the basic concept. First, you need to create content that will drive people to your blog on a regular basis, then you need to create a list. The best way to do this is with an autoresponder. Once you get people to sign up to your list using a free product, or the offer of free information, you now have a list of people to which you can now sell products to. Once you have convinced them through your blog that you are an expert in your area, they will be more likely to have trust in you, and purchase things that you sent to them through your list. As I understand it, the key is to provide them with useful content that they want, and in return, they will purchase products from you.

  • I’d have to say you’re right on the money here, Steven… no pun intended. Yes, people do make money blogging – I doubt they make a lot of money doing it. I think most create blogs, because they have something to say, and they hope that someday the blog will make money. Others create blogs planning to make money. In neither case will they earn more than a little extra spending money – maybe enough for a dinner one month or a movie. (Cue the pro bloggers who will be up in arms, flailing about and screaming at me right now… Those who promise that blogging has made them millions, and you can do it, too).

    I’ve never created a personal blog, or a blog with the intent to sell advertising. I use my blogs as part of my marketing strategy. They’re brand collateral and the “voice” behind the brands. I work in marketing and PR, and I use my blogs to entertain and inform the public. My approach is to use blogs to reach my clients’ customers – by attracting their customers, I attract them. Of course, I do place my personal bias on everything I write, but I don’t write opinion blogs. I take a journalistic approach to blogging. If it can’t be printed in a newspaper or magazine, It’s not worthy of my blogs.

    There is an ROI in all forms of marketing and advertising. I have found that the ROI in blogging is much higher and far more effective than many other forms of direct marketing that I’ve used. Then, yes I can say I “make money blogging,” but I don’t really look at it that way, because I’m actually making money consulting with clients – my blog just opens the door. Twenty years ago, newsletters were the big thing. Some were fancy, multi-page, formatted publications that were mailed to subscribers every month. Others were single 8.5X11 pages that could easily be faxed. Email replaced the mailed paper newsletter, fax and the interoffice memo in one fell swoop. The newsletter eventually became an electronic document. It wasn’t long before publications were moved online in “ezines,” which, of course with the culmination of social media, ultimately became blog sites.

    I guess the bottom line is, I make money using my blog, but I don’t make money blogging.

  • That’s a great summation Christopher: “I make money using my blog, but I don’t make money blogging.”

    I strongly believe in the power of content marketing, but it’s a much harder slog to market content.

  • Good topic! It’s possible to make money blogging but that shouldn’t be your main motivation to start really. To make money you need a good audience that trusts you and see you as someone that can provide value to them. Build this kind of an audience is a hard job, with a lot of volatility and takes a lot of time and effort to make it a success. If you don’t have a real motivation behind your blogging then you will not make it through all these ups-and-downs and you will not be putting the effort needed.

  • Blogging is perfect advertising. LiveIntent’s technology platform, LFX, is uniting the features you have come to expect from display with the immediacy and urgency of the email inbox. LFX makes it easy for publishers to monetize premium email ad inventory, and for brands to target their advertising to an engaged, valuable subscriber audience.

  • I completely agree. If money is all you’re after, blogging can’t get you there. You have to be really passionate about sharing, helping, and connecting with people or your blog will be as disposable and unremarkable as an add on the door of a bathroom stall.

  • In my opinion starting a blog must come from your “heart”. I know it sounds stupid but if you start soing only for money you will fail. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my experience. Many of my friends have blogs and they are doing it because they like it. As a hobby. Some of them earn pretty good money from ads or selling things and it makes the blogging more interesting, but this is not the main reason.
    so I think doing a 8-hour job is much better than blogging if you don’t like that.

    But it’s just my opinion.

  • In answer to the question, no I dont think starting a blog is a good way to make money. Like someone else said, if you approach it with the goal of just making money you’re going to run out of enthusiasm and motivation pretty quickly and as such make nothing. However, I do think it’s possible to create a /blog on a topic that you are genuinely interested in, provide good useful content to your readers and then as a side effect end up making money from it. It’s all about your approach.

  • At the early days blog used to be something like an online diary where someone can save or share personal information over the internet. Now it’s become a complete money making machine where there are loads of open space available to cash in. Initially I came to blogging hearing the money making opportunities. Now I am a passionate blogger. I guess this happens to everyone as blogging is becoming more and more competitive. This can be challenging. At the same time chances of making more money from blogs is becoming wider.

  • Blogging is hard work, money can be made but you’ll be requiring lots and lots of patience. People that start their blog normally get a decent income after a year. so if your planning to see some money don’t expect to get any for a while.

  • You can easily earn money on blogging by just being an affiliate of a certain product on ClickBank. I have a SEO related website and to be able to earn money with affiliation with my audience, I started being an affiliate with BlogSuccess via clickbank and promote it to my website and I was able to earn 50% recurring payment per sale. Mainly because the site has lots of information to give and was highly trusted by google, mainly because it has high PR.

    One method in making your blog has lots of information to provide to your readers is by using content curation. Which really help me create article in just a matter of minutes. You can see how I did it here, Its not my product but I highly recommend it because It can greatly help when it comes to SEO and pointing your readers to high quality post which most likely will share your blog for others to see.

  • Blogging is a good way to start to harvest good content online which Google really love. Once you start blogging you will develop your site into a niche then making channels to market it. It require lot of effort to do it. It’s not a 1 or 2 weeks work.

  • It’s no easy task to earn money through blogging. There’s a couple of success recently in Singapore where there’s celebrities bloggers who make their living by blogging.

  • Few years ago I thought blogging would never give me money. I’m blogging for joy. I’ll write whenever I want and want I really in good mood. Then, few months ago an advertising agency told me to place their ads and paid me money. I take the chance and changed my mind. Blogging could give me money.

  • I got $263.70 in this month from my blog, and already issue $368.20 check yesterday. Unfortunately I cannot earn from my forum, I have already up to 70,000 members in my forum; but I cannot earn from my forum. I’m happy to say making money a best way is blogging only blogging. Write attractive & unique content and build a online communication for your guest then you’ve earn and you can make money from YouTube using Google AdSense.

  • Installing blog in my opinion would be good to advertise your static Adsense or Affiliate web site. To make money with blog itself is very hard process and will take a very long time.

  • I do blogging for few years and I started it as a hobby. Now I earn some money with adsense and similar ad things, but it must not be the only reason. Readers will know if you do it only for the money, so your business can collapse easily. I think bloggers do it because they love it and its just something plus, iff they can earn some money.

  • Thank you very much! You have a point in your blog, a money making career is the first thing human considers.

  • Yea i always suggest anybody if he want to earn money online then blogging is good platform as my friend and some others guy they earn huge money by blog adsence

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  • I know it’s possible to make a moderate income from blogging. I currently have four blogs, but after about 1 1/2 years of blogging and with three blogs at the time, my best month was just over $800 gross. I’m working to create an income to help my husband and myself in retirement.

  • I forgot to mention that I use Akismet and it works great to eliminate most spam comments and minimized my workload and frustration. I highly recommend this plugin.

  • At the early days blog used to be something like an online diary where someone can save or share personal information over the internet. Now it’s become a complete money making machine where there are loads of open space available to cash in. Initially I came to blogging hearing the money making opportunities. Now I am a passionate blogger. I guess this happens to everyone as blogging is becoming more and more competitive. This can be challenging. At the same time chances of making more money from blogs is becoming wider.

  • Yeah i think so blogging platform is good reference to make money online. If anybody don’t any knowledge about seo,web designing but if he provides good service in his own may be it will good for online money making.

  • of course you can make money by blogging, for example SEO-ing a website. Blogging is one of many ways to optimize the SEO of website, you have to make an article in your website, then you can submit it to many sites that will give backlink to your website. you have to make a lot of article so your web will increase the SERP

  • In my opinion- Yes you can make money but it takes time. You can’t just quit your job and straight away replace the income from the job with an income from your new blog. If you have the patience and the willingness to learn something new everyday it is definitely possible to make good money.

  • what I will say through my personal experience, is to make a video in you tube and rank it for a particular product.
    and repeat the process

  • I agree that starting a blog must come from the heart. Writing should come from the inner depths of the soul. One should write about what motivates the person.

  • Blogging platform is good way to make money online. I was read a story about some blogger whatever world top blogger earn every month 30000 thousand dollar. You can many blogger who earn a good money form online .

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  • I think making money is the second good reason to start a blog. Since blogging involves communications with readers on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep them reading if you’re promoting offers all day.

    Instead, coming up with unique content will build trust and, gradually, when your blog gets enough visitors, you can start making money. Monetization should follow popularity.

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  • It kind of depends. If you’re mostly interested in the making money part, you’ll have to learn how to drive traffic fast by blogging… unfortunately that’s the part that costs time and a lot of work. If you’re blogging about a hobby or interest without a real monetizing strategy, you’ll probably lose your motivation quickly. In the end, time is still money…

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  • Well many response already but the truth is making money can be part of the reason but shouldn’t be the main purpose,with hardwork and you deliver quality service to the people you will eventaully make money,but if the only purpose is money and not value am sorry,you will not make money

  • I think blogging is really boring if you are not passionate about the stuff you write as Steven says. There are much better ways to earn money.
    But if you are writing about sth you like then thats not even working and you are earning money :).

  • Making money through internet will be the best job oppurtinity in near future i think

  • Yes it is a good reason to start a blog, making money is the single biggest reason why people start blogs. I launched http://www.techlivewire.com which is now a tech news aggregator and blog. I started it for the sole purpose of making money and also making people happy by delivering content. So far 3 of us run it and we are hoping it will be a big success soon. Our earnings have increased as traffic has too.