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Most Popular Music Genres Explained in One Diagram

Popular Music Genres Lyrics + Beat + Melody Hip Hop Hard Rock Folk Country Pop Rock Electronic Reggae

The most popular music genres explained in one simple Venn diagram.

5 Responses to Most Popular Music Genres Explained in One Diagram

  • This. Is. Awesome!

  • It’s a nice Venn diagram, but I have absolutely no idea why you’re showing it to us. What’s the point you’re trying to make here.

  • Michael — I enjoy listening to a lot of different music and this idea came to me as I thought about differences in major genres. If there’s any point, it’s to share my meaning making about what emphasis genres place on different musical elements.

    But, really… I put this together for fun, and… I value a good visualization. I teach a segment on visualization/infographics in several classes. I don’t teach the topic as well as I’d like, so I know I still have a lot to learn about it. One of the ways I learn is by doing.

    How about you? Have you ever put together a Venn diagram? Do you find creating visualizations (models) help you understand the relationships between concepts better?

  • the challenge of course is that while the general works – there are far too many exceptions that prove the rule 🙂

  • Love me a good visualization. One service I found useful during my time at school for visualizations was Lucidchart. Completely free for students as well.