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What’s the easiest way to live-blog an event?

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Live-Blogging Old Style

Today’s question from Klout is:

What’s the easiest way to live blog an event and why?

My response (links added here):

What works for me is to live-tweet and then post a collection of tweets as a blog post (a service like Storify makes that easy to do). I like this approach because I can easily monitor or amplify (RT) what others say and also post pictures. Twitter also helps me keep updates short and snappy.

Some additional advice:

  • Have a story arch: introduce the event, post (or paint) a picture of the setting, do your updates during the event, and also provide an acknowledgement of when the event ends. 
  • Provide a summary and highlights, not a transcript!
  • Be generous with credit: live-blogging is a great way to build connections by highlighting interesting things that other people are saying and doing.
  • Engage in dialogue with those following along.
  • Don’t forget to update your live-blog post with relevant links to the event’s official website and other information that will provide useful context for someone who reads the post later.

What do you think makes a good live-blog? Any advice to others who want to live-blog an event

2 Responses to What’s the easiest way to live-blog an event?

  • Interesting question, I was wondering if you have used the new smart phones to video an event and posted it to Youtube? You can also share and post to your blog, might be a good way to cover an event.

  • Michelle, those are all good questions. I haven’t done any video at events, but I think it has potential. I think you could also do some neat “atmosphere” kind of short videos with Vine.