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Have Twitter and Facebook Killed Blogging Yet?

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“I am so totally going to blog about this party.”

Today’s question from Klout:

Are social media websites like Twitter and Facebook killing the blog? Why or why not?

My answer:

I think overall that Twitter and Facebook are helping, rather than hurting, blogs because they make it easier to find good blog content. There’s still an interest in reading (and writing) content that fits better on a blog. Also, many people like the flexibility and control of having their own site.

Additional thoughts…

With so many people on social networking sites, do you think that helps or hurts blogs?

6 Responses to Have Twitter and Facebook Killed Blogging Yet?

  • I don’t think blogging is dead. Facebook, and Twitter are nothing but traffic sources. They don’t really provide any way for you to get your message out. If anything, they are helpful in letting people know about your blog, but I certainly don’t see any way that they could replace blogging. There’s really no place to meaningfully express yourself on Facebook, and Twitter. Twitter in particular is for simpleminded narcissists who don’t have all that much to say. I mean if one can express themselves adequately in 140 characters, I really have no interest in anything they have to say!

  • I think twitter and facebook have definitely helped blogging majorly, because it’s given bloggers a place to share their blog posts. I get tons of traffic from twitter, and I know I would get a ton of traffic from facebook too if I tried, but I just like using twitter more for my blogging/business, and I like using facebook for connecting with family/friends.

  • Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get some good traffic for your blogs and sites, but when it comes to Twitter it may hurting the Blogging because it provides you an easy way to share your thoughts along with your contacts.

  • I agree that these social media sites are helping rather than hurting blogs, so blogs probably aren’t going to disappear soon. As you said, Steven, some people like the flexibility and control of having their own site. I’m definitely in that camp. I like having my own blogs where no one can dictate how long my posts should be, what advertising I can place on them, and many other limitations imposed by Twitter and Facebook.

    That said, I know lots of people who have blogs, but find them too difficult to update – even WordPress! They do all their business marketing via FB because it’s easier for them. I think that’s folly. Why put the future of your business in the hands of a third party who could change all the rules tomorrow? Actually I’m not a big fan of these sites. I use them reluctantly because everyone else does.

  • I avoided social media for the longest time, but recently started using RebelMouse and Pinterest in addition to my longstanding Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have connected everything to RebelMouse and have obvious social share links on all pages of all my sites and have found that the social conversation has increased substantially in just the one month since I started.

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