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What Makes a Great Blog?

Credit: The U.S. National Archives

If only there was a gauge like this to measure blog health

Today’s “ask an expert” question from Klout.com is:

What are some characteristics shared by the best blogs?

My answer:

The best blogs:
1. Convey informed passion about a topic,
2. Share a mix of opinion and facts in a consistent voice… regular readers know what to expect,
3. Are updated consistently so there’s a reason to return,
4. Have a mix of words, pictures and/or video.
5. Cultivate community in comments.

What do you think makes a great blog?

Image Credit: The U.S. National Archives

5 Responses to What Makes a Great Blog?

  • well, also something pretty. I like a background design that is also pleasing to the eyes

  • I know, right Garick?! I ran out of space (on Klout… forgot to add it here) to mention that there’s also a baseline threshold that needs to be crossed of a decent website. If the site is slow, looks crappy, or doesn’t load reliably, that’s going to be a big turn off.

  • I think you made great points but I also think that the reader has to connect in some way. I write about kids but I try to be funny because I know that people relate to humor.

  • I totally agree. If only those things were easy to do on a consistent basis. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  • I totally agree, but let not forget the design. I for example love warm colours. It “invites” me to read the article. I also love point 1 in your article, it makes sure you will keep coming back.