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Malls as Sanctuaries

Christmas is almost here, and if you are like me, there is still a lot of shopping left to do. But have you ever thought that the mall is not just a place for you to spend your money? For some, it can be considered a sanctuary where people interact and congregate with each other.

According to an international study co-authored by Temple University Fox School of Business marketing professor Ayalla Ruvio, malls are considered a sanctuary for some, especially during the holidays. The study explains that different religious groups have varying experiences with malls during holidays. Dominant religious groups, such as Christians in US, tend to display excess spending when it comes to holiday shopping. In the end, they usually are left with larger debts and over consumption of food or drinking. While minority religious groups see the mall as a way to meet individuals and interact. The study suggests it is a way for these groups to overcome the minority label.

I found this study to be very interesting and never considered the different viewpoints. For example, many shoppers go to mall during the Christmas holiday season because it is the season to give out the gifts. Most of us have bought and exchange gifts during this time. But I never considered that the mall could be a place for religious groups to interact and meet each other. In a way, it makes sense because malls tend to become more packed during the holiday time. So it is not surprising, people with similar religious views would go shopping during that time to celebrate their religious holidays.

For more information, below is the link to the article:

The mall as a sanctuary: Study finds holiday shopping outlets aren’t just shrines to spending


Image Credit: thesmarterwallet.com