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inciteXchange Is Coming!

inciteXchange is the annual event that takes place at Temple University where students can learn and share the ideas with the professional speakers from all different experiences and backgrounds. This event is organized by the Center for Design+Innovation at Fox School of Business and will happen on February 17th.

One of the many things that I find very interesting about this event is that students have the great opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts, and any innovation to business experts. At the end, students’ ideas may be used for a good cause and help society. This event gives students a chance to express their creative thinking and also a great chance to show the business professional through your skills and talents in an intimate forum.

The topic for this year  is “Fabric: seams, threads and bits”. Students can explore how to make the fabric, and where it is made. But it is not just about that; it is about understanding the culture and lifestyle of a certain group in society and coming with solutions to help society.

I strongly suggest all the students join this event because it can help you to understand the world outside college life, strengthen your teamwork, and critical thinking skills.  Professor Youngjin Yoo is a special speaker for this event along with many other speakers from different companies. It is a great chance for students to expand the network.

If you want to know more about the event or want to join, please visit the link below:.

Are You a Leader?

Have you ever looked into mirror and wonder if you have what it takes to be a leader? Being a leader means that you are the person who inspires the people around you with your leadership, intelligence, and personality. You are the main point of contact that people are always looking for.

Being a leader is not as hard as many people think. First, you have to get out of your comfort zone and start to follow something with passion and an ambitious spirit. As a student, you can show your leadership skills through team projects and participation in various activities. You can show your leadership ability through clubs and activities during college. If you are willing to participate and become an active member of the group, you have what it takes to be a leader.

Some students are more reserved in public because they are not comfortable with expressing themselves or afraid to make mistakes. You should not feel this way because every small mistake is needed so that it can build you into a leader. Everyone makes mistakes, but the real test is to overcome and learn from them. You display leadership skills through your actions and the result is the ability to inspire others.

We are short on leaders in this economy and the group of people who are the next leaders are us, the students. A person who has leadership skills will eventually be the next CEOs, business professional, or even president. We need to become entrepreneurs and leaders to make our world better.

When you think about being a leader, think about of helping other people because from it you can learn to become the next leader. Searching for a Leader? Try looking in the Mirror will give you more vivid examples and I strongly encourage you read it.

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iPad for students pilot course


How would you like to not spend $400+ on new textbooks each year? What about not having to carry them around to class? Well there will be a possibility of some relief in the future. Fox MIS is currently piloting a study using iPads. What a surprise it was for the lucky students, of the Honors Information Systems in Organizations course, to find that they were the ones chosen for this study. Professor Carey O’Donnell, who has been teaching at Temple University for 10 years, developed the idea and applied to his honors course.


According to Professor Carey, there are many benefits of using iPad in the classroom:

  • Students will save a lot of money ($40 eBooks vs. $100+ textbooks)
  • It helps students to come as a small group in the class, exchange and share information, and work as a team
  • It also allows MIS student to learn the new technologies and ways to collaborate with each other

Professor Carey wants students to collaborate together as a team because he knows that teamwork is very important in the real workplace and especially communication skills. His idea brings Fox MIS to the next level of embracing new technologies and more contemporary learning methods.  We are living in 2012, an era where technology is continuously changing.

Professor Carey also thinks his idea of using iPads in the class will challenge his students. He said “They are our best and our brightest, so I wanted to challenge them to show me how creative they can be in terms of using all forms of multimedia to deliver content.”

What do you think if Fox school will offer the iPads for every student?


For more information about this article, here is the direct link to it:

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What recruiters are looking for

In this downsizing economy, looking for a job is even harder and employers expect a lot from candidates. The interview is even more important because it will allow you the chance to prove that you are a right person for the position. The big question is “how do you impress with recruiter?” and “what do they expect to hear the answers from you?”  In an article by Fred Whelan and Gladys Stone, “What Recruiters Look For”, on the they wrote about the things recruiters look for in candidates such as results, leadership, career progression, broad range of experiences, and prior responsibilities.

Remember, when recruiters are asking you about challenging situations about school projects or previous internship experience, make sure tell them how you start it, how you solved it, and what the outcome is. A good technique that I always apply when answers questions is the STAR method. You want to tell a complete story so that the recruiter can understand the point you are trying to make.

Companies are looking for the candidates who have leadership and management skills. Remember any team projects you have done at school. What your role?  Was there any conflict or problems and how did you and team handle it? What the results? Situational questions are always asked and you should be prepared with scenarios to answer them. Try to show your leadership and project management skills if you took on that role in the project. Often on the night before, I would create a quick list of all projects and tasks I want to bring up in the interview.

If you provide enough detail and speak with enthusiasm, you will put yourself in a great position to get the job.

What Do You Know About Databases?

Has a recruiter ever asked you about your database experiences or to generate an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) on the spot? If not, you should be expecting database related questions when you go for those IT/IS related jobs. Aaron Stibel, Senior Vice President of technology Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, expressed his opinion through the article “Why College Need to Better Prepare IT Grads”. He was amazed at the amount of people he interviewed that have little to no experience about databases. In most of his interviews, he was carefully looking for skills ranging from writing SQL to designing ERD diagrams.


Mr. Aaron stated that “SQL has been with us about 40 years and it’s time to add database courses to the mandatory curriculum” Yes, he is right in every aspect because it is the time for students to be prepared. Technology moves so quickly and whether your profession is IS/IT related or not, you need to know the basics of a database because it is used in every business. It is actually a surprising that some IT students don’t understand how to write SQL statements.

Mr. Aaron also wrote about the top five rated computer science programs such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Cornell. Unfortunately, those schools did not require any database course for its undergrad students and only offer a single database course as an elective engineering.

As you know, the Fox School Business offers an MIS database course where students can learn everything about databases including how to create SQL queries and ERD diagrams. I strongly encourage all students to consider taking more MIS courses even if you are not a MIS major. For all MIS majors, make sure you take advantage of the courses MIS that has to offer and not to take too many “easy” electives. If you prepare yourself during college, it will help you a lot in getting the job after you graduate.

For more information about MIS, please visit the home page at:

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Top 10 Companies To Work For


We all want to get a great job after we graduate. One with a good salary, free food, and even massages right? has posted on their website “the 10 companies college students should want to work for” by I found this article is very useful because it allows us as student to set future goals for ourselves. When it comes to working, a great salary is very important but the working environment and the executive treatment of staff is as equally important. This can make us become more ambitious and excited to go work.


It is no surprise that Google is listed number one on the list. Employees said that Google values the ideas of each employee and also provides them the best convenient services such as free food, massages, laundry, and bonuses of 10% every year. Zappos is received second place with similar free services like food and vending machines. But what really surprised me was that they bribe new employees to quit for $1000 during the first few weeks. Dream Works Animation offers art classes, food, yoga, and monthly parties. All employees even have access to suggest animation ideas directly to the CEO. One perk that I hope to get one day was the ability to have free flights from Southwest Airlines. Other companies that make up this list were REI, Microsoft, SAS, and Goldman Sachs.

These companies take value in motivating their employees and in turn they work harder and achieve better results. No matter where you start at after college, these companies should motivate you to work harder and get hired by companies like these.  Make a 5 to 10 years plan and focus on your goals. Don’t be afraid to shine because it will bring you the bright future and great benefits.

No Google, No Facebook?

What if you couldn’t check what is happening on Facebook? Or are forbidden to use Google, Wikipedia, or even play Farmville? For me, I can’t imagine going a day without these services. However, there is currently a lot of action surrounding two new bills that are gaining a lot of support in Congress. These bills are known as the” Stop Online Privacy Act” (SOPA) and “Protect IP Act” (PIPA). As you may know, these bills are being heavily supported by the RIAA and music companies because of the issues of privacy and their “intellectual property” such as movies and music. If these bills were to pass, the US Government would basically have to power to censor an entire website.

The bills have drawn so much controversy and many big Internet companies are openly speaking out against SOPA and PIPA. Many companies including Facebook, Twitter, EBay, Google, Yahoo, and Zynga have signed a “NetCoalition industry letter” that was sent to Congress.  There are reports that these companies may even consider a blackout of their services if necessary. Markham Erickson of the NetCoalition stated “this type of thing doesn’t happen because companies typically don’t want to put their users in that position… The difference is that these bills so fundamentally change the way the Internet works. People need to understand the effect this special-interest legislation will have on those who use the Internet.”

Issues involving copyright and privacy are becoming more prevalent these days because of the development of technology. While protecting the intellectual property of these companies is important, there are much better ways than a complete censorship. I think if the government passes those bills, it will become a huge set back and cause a lot of unhappy people. We have all become accustomed to the Internet freedom that we currently have. Congress needs to stop listening to the Hollywood lobbyist and understand what effects of these bills. A few days without Facebook seems better than complete censorship. From ABC News: ‘Internet Censorship’? Would Websites Go Dark Battling Hollywood? would give you more valuable information about those bills.

Below is a great infographic by Ivan Tolmachev about SOPA and the dangers of it:

Is Pinterest The Next Facebook?

Everyone knows about the power of social media and probably uses it everyday. Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. People got familiar with Facebook because it allowed them to connect to old friends from high school and college. From there it just exploded to the giant that it is now. Twitter became a very popular social media tool and is even used by businesses in there Marketing/Sales/PR departments. People can also use it to keep track of news, current events, or even their favorite athlete.

Facebook and Twitter have become powerful social media platforms, but no one can imagine what would be next. According to Professor Steven Johnson of the Fox School Business Pinterest, the virtual social scraping site, is expected to take off in 2012.

Many of us probably never heard of Pinterst or have the slightest clue what it does. Pinterest is the new social networking platform where not only you can meet friends with similar likes, but also you can show your creative ideas by creating a virtual “pinboard” and pinning things to it. This is different from Facebook and Twitter because Pinterest focuses more on discovering people with similar ideas and thinking through the virtual “pinboards”.  It allows individuals to express their creative minds and personal tastes in a visually clean layout. From fashion ideas to photography, the possibility seems to be endless. I believe businesses will learn from the successful of using Twitter and Facebook and jump on fast.

It’s like the first virtual social scrapbooking; It’s not just about finding sources of info, it’s really about finding people you can trust that can sort through that information for you

-Professor Steven Johnson

This site right now is on the “invite mode” but that hasn’t stop the increasing numbers of members. From August of 2011 to November 2011, Pinterest’s user account has increased from 1.2 million to 4.5 million.


Below is a sample snapshot of the “pin” board:


MIS in Top 10 Degrees with High Earnings Potential

At, there is an interesting article talking about a research done by about the 10 college degrees that yield high-paying jobs in 2011. Not surprisingly, Maths and Sciences degrees are near the top with Engineering being #1 (median starting salary from $51k to $97k). Computer Sciences is second place with a median starting salary of $56k, followed by Physics, and Mathematics degrees.

More importantly, a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) is considered to have high earnings potential with a median of starting salary of $51k. According to Nathan Lippe, from the, companies without a team that can analyze data and understand what it can do to change the business will lack competitive advantage. Therefore, MIS wielding graduates will come to rescue for these businesses that may start lag behind in technology. MIS holds a major role in organizations by analyzing databases, managing projects, and helping companies become more efficient. It is not surprising when MIS majors enjoy what they do since the salary is very competitive. Also, looking for internships or jobs with MIS degree is easier because colleges often keep good relationships with businesses and companies.

No matter where you come from, Fox MIS Temple University offers the great program for MIS major where students can develop the skills and talents through the materials and apply it in the business world. With the year of 2012 already here, I strongly encourage all the students who are currently with non-decided or just considering a new major/minor to consider MIS.

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