Top 10 Companies To Work For


We all want to get a great job after we graduate. One with a good salary, free food, and even massages right? has posted on their website “the 10 companies college students should want to work for” by I found this article is very useful because it allows us as student to set future goals for ourselves. When it comes to working, a great salary is very important but the working environment and the executive treatment of staff is as equally important. This can make us become more ambitious and excited to go work.


It is no surprise that Google is listed number one on the list. Employees said that Google values the ideas of each employee and also provides them the best convenient services such as free food, massages, laundry, and bonuses of 10% every year. Zappos is received second place with similar free services like food and vending machines. But what really surprised me was that they bribe new employees to quit for $1000 during the first few weeks. Dream Works Animation offers art classes, food, yoga, and monthly parties. All employees even have access to suggest animation ideas directly to the CEO. One perk that I hope to get one day was the ability to have free flights from Southwest Airlines. Other companies that make up this list were REI, Microsoft, SAS, and Goldman Sachs.

These companies take value in motivating their employees and in turn they work harder and achieve better results. No matter where you start at after college, these companies should motivate you to work harder and get hired by companies like these.  Make a 5 to 10 years plan and focus on your goals. Don’t be afraid to shine because it will bring you the bright future and great benefits.

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