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What Do You Know About Databases?

Has a recruiter ever asked you about your database experiences or to generate an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) on the spot? If not, you should be expecting database related questions when you go for those IT/IS related jobs. Aaron Stibel, Senior Vice President of technology Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, expressed his opinion through the article “Why College Need to Better Prepare IT Grads”. He was amazed at the amount of people he interviewed that have little to no experience about databases. In most of his interviews, he was carefully looking for skills ranging from writing SQL to designing ERD diagrams.


Mr. Aaron stated that “SQL has been with us about 40 years and it’s time to add database courses to the mandatory curriculum” Yes, he is right in every aspect because it is the time for students to be prepared. Technology moves so quickly and whether your profession is IS/IT related or not, you need to know the basics of a database because it is used in every business. It is actually a surprising that some IT students don’t understand how to write SQL statements.

Mr. Aaron also wrote about the top five rated computer science programs such as Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Cornell. Unfortunately, those schools did not require any database course for its undergrad students and only offer a single database course as an elective engineering.

As you know, the Fox School Business offers an MIS database course where students can learn everything about databases including how to create SQL queries and ERD diagrams. I strongly encourage all students to consider taking more MIS courses even if you are not a MIS major. For all MIS majors, make sure you take advantage of the courses MIS that has to offer and not to take too many “easy” electives. If you prepare yourself during college, it will help you a lot in getting the job after you graduate.

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