What recruiters are looking for

In this downsizing economy, looking for a job is even harder and employers expect a lot from candidates. The interview is even more important because it will allow you the chance to prove that you are a right person for the position. The big question is “how do you impress with recruiter?” and “what do they expect to hear the answers from you?”  In an article by Fred Whelan and Gladys Stone, “What Recruiters Look For”, on the Huffingtonpost.com they wrote about the things recruiters look for in candidates such as results, leadership, career progression, broad range of experiences, and prior responsibilities.

Remember, when recruiters are asking you about challenging situations about school projects or previous internship experience, make sure tell them how you start it, how you solved it, and what the outcome is. A good technique that I always apply when answers questions is the STAR method. You want to tell a complete story so that the recruiter can understand the point you are trying to make.

Companies are looking for the candidates who have leadership and management skills. Remember any team projects you have done at school. What your role?  Was there any conflict or problems and how did you and team handle it? What the results? Situational questions are always asked and you should be prepared with scenarios to answer them. Try to show your leadership and project management skills if you took on that role in the project. Often on the night before, I would create a quick list of all projects and tasks I want to bring up in the interview.

If you provide enough detail and speak with enthusiasm, you will put yourself in a great position to get the job.

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