inciteXchange Is Coming!

inciteXchange is the annual event that takes place at Temple University where students can learn and share the ideas with the professional speakers from all different experiences and backgrounds. This event is organized by the Center for Design+Innovation at Fox School of Business and will happen on February 17th.

One of the many things that I find very interesting about this event is that students have the great opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts, and any innovation to business experts. At the end, students’ ideas may be used for a good cause and help society. This event gives students a chance to express their creative thinking and also a great chance to show the business professional through your skills and talents in an intimate forum.

The topic for this year  is “Fabric: seams, threads and bits”. Students can explore how to make the fabric, and where it is made. But it is not just about that; it is about understanding the culture and lifestyle of a certain group in society and coming with solutions to help society.

I strongly suggest all the students join this event because it can help you to understand the world outside college life, strengthen your teamwork, and critical thinking skills.  Professor Youngjin Yoo is a special speaker for this event along with many other speakers from different companies. It is a great chance for students to expand the network.

If you want to know more about the event or want to join, please visit the link below:.

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