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Information Technology for Temple Students

As a college student, do you take full advantage of what Temple has to offer? Especially the technological resources that Temple has and you pay for it. Why is this so important? While at Temple, I know that majority of students did not even know how to check if a computer room was available or even using the free wireless connection on campus. Do you know that you pay for a technology fee every semester at campus whether you use it or not?

Student guild to evaluating information technology on campus” is the useful guideline for every student that helps them take full advantage of the resources at their disposal. Students first need to know about what your school has to offer in term of information technology and how to use it in the effective way. Temple university also offers the technology training for students and staffs who are willing to learn and know more about computer.

Temple also has its own app called TUmobile. You can download it to your phone and easily access it. It allows you to keep track on the events and activities that happens around Campus. Using technology is not hard and the biggest benefit is that it brings the students, staff, and information altogether in a collaborative platform. It will become a part of the student’s life and help students to gain the experience in technology.

You should always keep yourself up to date and not fall back behind, because you pay for it so you should take full advantage of it. If you don’t know or want to know more about the new technology program and how to use it, you should come to the IT or MIS department. There is always someone available to help you.


Benefits of Blogging

Do you have a blog? If you do, how often do you blog? Jesse L. wrote an interesting article about “How Bogging Can Help College Students”. In the article, he talked about the positive effects how blogging can help on students and even after graduation. He listed three main points in his article:

  1. First and foremost, blogging can help students in the “writing practice” because blogging helps students know what they want to write and what type of audiences that they want to concentrate. It also helps them in the communication way of exchanging and interacting with the audiences. Especially, blogging will give students a chance to think of the object differently through the thoughts and become more confident in the professional way.
  2. Believe it or not, blogging also improves your computer skills and internet communication. Since blogging requires the special skills of uploading the pictures, embedding the video, or even connecting the links to articles.
  3. Lastly, blogging might help you get a job after college. It will pump up your LinkedIn profile and professional networking. Creating a blog and maintaining the good amount of audiences will give you the professional outlook and indicate who you want to be. Blogging helps you recognize the “real” person inside you and forces you to become that character.

A common question is how often you should write a blog? From my experience, you should maintain at least one topic a week. I have been blogging since I chose MIS as a minor; it took me some time to get familiar with WordPress and learning the techniques of blogging. I strongly encourage all students to start blogging during college because it will improve your communication and writing skills. Even better, MIS students have access to create free blogs via the community site. There is no need to go and search for a site to host your blog. Feel free to send me links to your blogs; I look forward to reading them!

Haoren Yu – The Most Practical Dreamer

Have you ever visit the website: You will be amazed with the ideas and full of innovation of the users. Haoren Yu, a Temple Student and the most practical dreamer, and her partner have created a website based on the concept of creating the dreams for young people by helping them realize their goals. This website was established about six months ago and already has more than 1000 users. In this website, you will see multiple interesting features such as an online diary, accomplishments bar, and even SMS. Users can interact and communicate to each other by sharing the same interests, ideas, or career goals. As Haoren puts it, “this website is about developing young people towards to the right path.”

They are still developing new features for the site. Right now they are working on a new tool called the “growth path map”. This tool will be helpful for a lot of people by aiding them to design a growth map for themselves. In the end, the hope is to reach their goal by finishing the map.

She also shared with me about how MIS has given her the idea about this website. As the entrepreneur who always is anxious to make ideas become reality, Haoren feels that from learning the various technologies by talking the MIS courses has helped her a lot and make her dream come true.

What make this website very popular? The meaning and ability to help people realize their dreams is what this website is all about. The time that she and her partner put on the website by keeping an online forum and constantly talking to the users. She also has an advertisement team from China who help her promotes the website and posts fliers. She also has a lot of plans for aggressive promotions such as in TV or making a small film that will use in the near future.

Although the website is in Chinese, it is not only for Chinese people. You can simply use Google translate to see what people write about and join with them. You can take a tour from here, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Easier Access to the MIS Careers Website

FoxMIS Careers is a fantastic site for students to research and discover new job or internship opportunities and events. More than that, this website contains a lot of inspiring stories from current undergraduates and alumnus. I wrote a post titled “MIS Careers…Where to Find a Job!”  last November and introduced this helpful website. Today I want to remind students keep checking it more often because it was just updated with more widgets and resources. On the left, you can see the Fox MIS Career Resources, Fox School, and Temple Resources etc. Also, there are more stories from students about how MIS has helped their career.

In case anyone does not know, I would like to show you how get easier access to the site by either bookmarking or the RSS feed. As you know, students mostly have the access internet on mobile phone, laptop, or home computer. It is nice if you bookmark your favorite sites on your mobile phone so you can keep yourself up to date from the site. However, not a lot of students do it because of many reasons. But if you keep it as a favorite, you will be reminded to visit the site occasionally. The step of doing this is extremely easy, below are the steps that I would like to share:

  1. Go to website:
  2. Go to main menu under the bar or tap on the bar: select “Add Bookmark”
  3. Select a title for this website, if you don’t see this option then go to the bookmark command

If you use some RSS reader you can also subscribe to the feed via this link :

You are done! You don’t want to miss any opportunities from the FoxMIS Career website.



How MIS has helped my career

For this post, I just wanted to take some time and share my experiences on how MIS has helped me in my career. I graduated on December, 2011 with a major in Finance and minor in MIS. I was blessed that I was able to find a job quickly under this economy. I have been working for Citco Fund Services on December of 2011 and I really enjoy it. Citco is the leader in hedge funds industry where they concentrate on hedge funds, private equity, and real estate services. Citco has many divisions not only in the United States but also in the Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

I work as a regulatory reporting accountant and my department concentrates on reporting international accounts and trades. We ensure that all records follow the regulations of the Federal Reserve Bank. My department is considered “new” when compared with Citco’s other services. What set me apart from the other candidates was my MIS background. Not only they wanted a candidate with knowledge in finance and accounting but they also wanted someone had strong database and excel skills. There is a lot of involvement with programs like Access and Excel. After a while, my understanding of ERDs and database schemas (SQL server) allowed me to quickly learn and get to a point where I was making suggestions on how to improve their Access table structures and streamline operations. As I continue to work, I try to always keep an eye out for ways so that I could apply my MIS knowledge to improve our business.

MIS has brought me a tremendous advantage and I strongly encourage students should consider MIS as a minor or major. This will give you a different perspective about technology and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

SwoopText now for AIS Members

Nowadays, students can communicate with each other in many ways such as email or social media websites like Facebook. But the most common form of communicating is by text messaging.  The benefit of text messaging is that almost everyone has a phone and it is always with them. So you can expect the timeframe for a response to be very minimal. For student organizations and groups, communicating with its members is a bit more challenging, especially if you needed to send an urgent message out. Emails through distribution lists and posts on websites are good but it is not as fast as a simple text message. Don’t worry, there is the new platform called SwoopText which will give student organizations the ability to communicate with members through texting.

SwoopText is from the minds of Princeton University’s Michael Keaton and Michael Pearl. They got the idea to create this platform when their student organization communications were lacking a bit. SwoopText went live at Temple last October and slowly many of the student organization are opting-in to use it. Now, a SwoopText group is now available for the members of the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

This platform is very beneficial for students because it simplifies the communication channels within organizations. It also easy to use and made just for student groups . Texting is unlimited and there are no fees to set up your own group, but you need to use your Temple account to sign up.

I strongly recommend all students sign up for this because it will allow everyone to have instant updates for events, guest speakers, jobs, etc. For AIS members, you should sign up and join the group to get instant updates.

You can get started here:  AIS SwoopText


Online Privacy Concerns

As social media becomes more popular, there are still a lot of problems and issues that we, as users, need to concern ourselves with. One of these controversial issues that seems to never go away is online privacy and how the social media sites manage them. People’s lives have become so intertwined with online social networks that it can take just a few minutes to learn about a person through search engines. Of all the social networks sites, Google and Facebook are two sites that everyone should be more conscious of in controlling what is shown and the policies around your privacy.

The main reason I am writing this is because just recently Google has changed their privacy policy for all their services. From Google+, GMail, Voice, etc., all the 60 different policies for every service is now being combines into one big privacy policy. This will take effect on March 1st 2012 and you are not able to opt-out (unless you decide not to use Google). Google believes that with this change, it will allow the users have more freedom and better experience when using their sites and services. This means when you are using one service, the data they collect will be used in their other services. For example, searching on Google will dictate the ads you see in YouTube and Google+. As you can see, this has its benefits but also can lead to many privacy concerns. You can see most of the information Google has on you through the dashboard feature.

Facebook has always had issues with privacy. Since they changed to the Timeline layout, some Facebookers have complained that their pictures automatically are shared in public even though they set them for friends only.

As a student, I suggest you all have to read carefully about privacy and think twice before publishing something too personal. Sometimes it could cause a tremendous effect on your future career aspirations. Some pictures and posts should be left sharing in person rather than online.

For more information click here:

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Spice Up Your Resume With ReVu

What if you could spice up your resume a bit so that it is not just a blob of text? What about a resume in the form of an interactive infographic? Infographics are becoming very popular form of displaying information. People prefer it because instead of wordy explanations, everything is explained with an emphasis on images. Therefore, having your resume in the form of an infographic would make it look more impressive and easier to read for recruiters and employers.

Re.Vu is a website where you can transform your wordy resume into a more interactive page. It can even pull information from your existing LinkedIn account so that you have a starting point. There are already a bunch of great themes and designs that change pieces of your resume into great looking graphics. For example, you can create a timeline about the past and current jobs along with adding achievements as well. There are also special widgets for your skills, job duties, quotes, and hobbies. If you want to show your portfolio or projects, don’t worry you can upload it easily for recruiters to see.

One thing that I love the most about this website is that it is so simple to start and create a great looking page. Within minutes I was able to link it to my LinkedIn account and see my resume transformed. We are moving into a more digital way of communicating and having professional LinkedIn is already a standard for everyone seeking opportunities. This is just another way to show off your resume but in a more flashy way. For an example, here is one created for President Obama :

Below is the snapshot of my timeline, please take a look and you can create one for yourself by using this link: