Spice Up Your Resume With ReVu

What if you could spice up your resume a bit so that it is not just a blob of text? What about a resume in the form of an interactive infographic? Infographics are becoming very popular form of displaying information. People prefer it because instead of wordy explanations, everything is explained with an emphasis on images. Therefore, having your resume in the form of an infographic would make it look more impressive and easier to read for recruiters and employers.

Re.Vu is a website where you can transform your wordy resume into a more interactive page. It can even pull information from your existing LinkedIn account so that you have a starting point. There are already a bunch of great themes and designs that change pieces of your resume into great looking graphics. For example, you can create a timeline about the past and current jobs along with adding achievements as well. There are also special widgets for your skills, job duties, quotes, and hobbies. If you want to show your portfolio or projects, don’t worry you can upload it easily for recruiters to see.

One thing that I love the most about this website is that it is so simple to start and create a great looking page. Within minutes I was able to link it to my LinkedIn account and see my resume transformed. We are moving into a more digital way of communicating and having professional LinkedIn is already a standard for everyone seeking opportunities. This is just another way to show off your resume but in a more flashy way. For an example, here is one created for President Obama : http://revu.cc/barackobama

Below is the snapshot of my timeline, please take a look and you can create one for yourself by using this link: http://revu.cc


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