SwoopText now for AIS Members

Nowadays, students can communicate with each other in many ways such as email or social media websites like Facebook. But the most common form of communicating is by text messaging.  The benefit of text messaging is that almost everyone has a phone and it is always with them. So you can expect the timeframe for a response to be very minimal. For student organizations and groups, communicating with its members is a bit more challenging, especially if you needed to send an urgent message out. Emails through distribution lists and posts on websites are good but it is not as fast as a simple text message. Don’t worry, there is the new platform called SwoopText which will give student organizations the ability to communicate with members through texting.

SwoopText is from the minds of Princeton University’s Michael Keaton and Michael Pearl. They got the idea to create this platform when their student organization communications were lacking a bit. SwoopText went live at Temple last October and slowly many of the student organization are opting-in to use it. Now, a SwoopText group is now available for the members of the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

This platform is very beneficial for students because it simplifies the communication channels within organizations. It also easy to use and made just for student groups . Texting is unlimited and there are no fees to set up your own group, but you need to use your Temple account to sign up.

I strongly recommend all students sign up for this because it will allow everyone to have instant updates for events, guest speakers, jobs, etc. For AIS members, you should sign up and join the group to get instant updates.

You can get started here:  AIS SwoopText


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