Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Haoren Yu – The Most Practical Dreamer

Have you ever visit the website: http://www.dreamcamel.com? You will be amazed with the ideas and full of innovation of the users. Haoren Yu, a Temple Student and the most practical dreamer, and her partner have created a website based on the concept of creating the dreams for young people by helping them realize their goals. This website was established about six months ago and already has more than 1000 users. In this website, you will see multiple interesting features such as an online diary, accomplishments bar, and even SMS. Users can interact and communicate to each other by sharing the same interests, ideas, or career goals. As Haoren puts it, “this website is about developing young people towards to the right path.”

They are still developing new features for the site. Right now they are working on a new tool called the “growth path map”. This tool will be helpful for a lot of people by aiding them to design a growth map for themselves. In the end, the hope is to reach their goal by finishing the map.

She also shared with me about how MIS has given her the idea about this website. As the entrepreneur who always is anxious to make ideas become reality, Haoren feels that from learning the various technologies by talking the MIS courses has helped her a lot and make her dream come true.

What make this website very popular? The meaning and ability to help people realize their dreams is what this website is all about. The time that she and her partner put on the website by keeping an online forum and constantly talking to the users. She also has an advertisement team from China who help her promotes the website and posts fliers. She also has a lot of plans for aggressive promotions such as in TV or making a small film that will use in the near future.

Although the website is in Chinese, it is not only for Chinese people. You can simply use Google translate to see what people write about and join with them. You can take a tour from here, I am sure you will enjoy it.