Information Technology for Temple Students

As a college student, do you take full advantage of what Temple has to offer? Especially the technological resources that Temple has and you pay for it. Why is this so important? While at Temple, I know that majority of students did not even know how to check if a computer room was available or even using the free wireless connection on campus. Do you know that you pay for a technology fee every semester at campus whether you use it or not?

Student guild to evaluating information technology on campus” is the useful guideline for every student that helps them take full advantage of the resources at their disposal. Students first need to know about what your school has to offer in term of information technology and how to use it in the effective way. Temple university also offers the technology training for students and staffs who are willing to learn and know more about computer.

Temple also has its own app called TUmobile. You can download it to your phone and easily access it. It allows you to keep track on the events and activities that happens around Campus. Using technology is not hard and the biggest benefit is that it brings the students, staff, and information altogether in a collaborative platform. It will become a part of the student’s life and help students to gain the experience in technology.

You should always keep yourself up to date and not fall back behind, because you pay for it so you should take full advantage of it. If you don’t know or want to know more about the new technology program and how to use it, you should come to the IT or MIS department. There is always someone available to help you.


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