The Center for Design+Innovation (cD+i)

The Center for Design+Innovation (cD+i) is an organization that was founded by the Fox School of Business and the Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT). This organization is affiliated with the MIS Department and the primary goal of this organization is to inspire students by turning ideas into actions and helping community. This organization also brings a variety of groups of people together and allows them to collaborate. From professionals such as engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to scholars such as students or professors, the cD+i produces innovations and ideas that turns into a vivid picture so that it can be applied to the real world.

Most students probably never heard about the cD+i organization or even know what it means. However, I am sure that you heard about the Design Challenge that happens every year at Fox School Business or Incitexchange where all the professionals speak about their experiences and exchange the ideas with students. This organization sponsors those events. Their slogan is “Transforming ideas into actions” and they always strive to do this.

This organization also offers the new session is called Experience Change where you will have the great opportunity to learn with Lee Green, Global BP IBM Experience and Strategic Design. He will teach this session by sharing his experiences from a different perspective of environment. This session will start on May 17th and appeal to different groups of people such as businesses, designers, educators, nonprofit etc. If you are interested in this session, you can contact for more details and information.

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