Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Fox 2012 Information Technology Awards Tonight!

Every year around this time, the Fox school has a special IT awards ceremony. This is a great opportunity to recognize administrators, faculties, and students who have contributed the most for the MIS community. Students can also nominate anyone who deserves an award and attend this event. The 12th annual Fox IT Awards will be on Tuesday April 24th from 6pm to 8pm. If you want to nominate someone, then you have to submit the form no later than March 16th (Friday!).

I had the opportunity to join this event last year through a suggestion from my professor Carey O’Donnell. He encouraged all students to join this great event because this event is not only for the members who contribute for the MIS community, but also is a great place for networking. One thing that I like the most about this event is the speakers. Many of them are professionals such as an IT director, senior technician, or CIO that come from the major companies such as KPMG, Ford, and NASA. The speakers come to this event to make a speech not only about the nominees, but also the general information about themselves, the company overall, and the opportunities regarding MIS in the industry. There is free food and you are free to join this event. If you are lucky, you might get extra points from a certain MIS professor.

This event is very enjoyable and you will not be bored. There are many things going on and the time just flies by. For me, I love this event because it gives me a different perspective about the MIS and how influential it is. If I were you, I will definitely join it because it only happens once a year and it is worth a try even though you are not a MIS student.

For more information about the speakers and the nomination, please click on the links.