The Truth Of The Job Market After College

Most parents nowadays encourage their children to go to college and obtain a degree with the hope that they will land a great high-paying job. They want their children to have a better quality of life and be able to succeed as working adults. However, it is getting tougher for the “millennial generation” since the job market is now very competitive and slowly recovering from it’s latest recession. As a result, many students accumulate a big debt from 4+ years of loans and the high-paying job is not there. According to Alfred Lubrano, who wrote the article “Diminishing Returns” on, unemployment rates was 19.4% for 20-24 year olds in 2010, meanwhile the U.S. as a whole was at 8.3% unemployment. Believe it or not, Mr. Lubrano said that there are about 80,000 bartenders in America with a Bachelor’s degree.

In the article, he mentioned about Alyssa Snavely who graduated from Temple with a psychology degree. She used to be a medical-case worker but is now unemployed and struggling to find another job. Alyssa worries that she may never get another job in her profession. Sadly, colleges spend a lot of money for maintaining and building new facilities and then will have to raise tuition rates. This article points out the vivid facts that I think all students should read and understand the current job market situation.

However, students should not be disappointed about this fact because you can change it. You already have the opportunity to go to college, just make sure to take all the advantage of it. The current situation makes it tough to find a job after college, it means you have to work harder to put yourself in an advantageous position. There are a lot of benefits from college and you just need to grasp it. Organizations like AIS, are huge benefits for MIS students. You get to meet companies and build networks. You have to start now and go at it with 110%. Yes, tuition is high but if you can use what you learn from school and apply it to the workplace, you will have a very bright future. Sometimes we don’t try hard and expect it to just happen but of course this is impossible.

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