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What if employers ask for your Facebook password?

What should you do when an employer is asking for your Facebook password as part of the interview process? Studies show that some employers nowadays will ask applicants for access to their Facebook password because it is used as a basic personality test, according to Reuters. Interviewers want to understand more about the candidate by logging in to his/her social media sites. Well is this ethical? It is still being debated right now because it is a huge issue involving a candidate’s personal life and privacy.

If employers ever ask or request you to give them the password to your Facebook, what will you do? That would be an awkward situation. It will seem like you are hiding something or it will look like you lost your confidence if you can’t answer that question. Tony Morrison wrote the article “What to Do When A Potential Employer Asks for Your Facebook Password” which was published on Mashable.com, he shared with us some tips if we ever find ourselves in that situation:

  1. Be calm, show respect, and mention that you prefer LinkedIn better because it displays your professional connections which can bring benefit to the organization
  2. You should evaluate carefully if the job is really worth it because most likely the employer will be watching you at work and now they want to evaluate your personal life
  3. Take precaution with your personal social media site by preventing employers to search for your profile by creating a nickname or disabling public viewing

Social media is very powerful and employers may take advantage of it by looking at our Facebook profile, posts, or pictures so that they can evaluate our personality. However, this is more of an invasion of privacy. It is a controversial topic and it is very sensitive but I do believe that, as students, we should be careful of using social media because it does have it’s disadvantages for us. Let me know what you think and what you would do if you fall into this situation. Thanks for reading!