Daily Archives: April 17, 2012

Technology Skills Gap

The majority of IT careers have a positive outlook nowadays even though the economy is still recovering from recession. However, that still does not mean IT professionals do not have to worry about their jobs because technology changes constantly. This requires them to always keep up to date on the latest news and happenings. I just read a great article, “Tech workers stress over skills gap” by Mary K. Pratt, that was posted on the computerworld.com talking about what hiring managers are looking for. To sum it up into one word: “Perfection”

Dean Haddock, manager of IT at StoryCorps, has been through many cycles of technology changes at his company. He encourages the IT professionals to keep up to date with technology and not just stick to the  traditional ways. A vivid example Dean gives involves about understanding his company’s strategy and with the help of new technologies, like cloud computing , help to push them forward .

Hiring managers not only look for the basic skill sets, but also see if the candidates could adapt to new technologies and have the ability to apply it to the business. Brian Gegan, Senior Vice President of Technology at Eyefinity said that people should not stay at their comfort zone when it comes to technology. As he noted, “It’s a real problem, because the skill sets that work today aren’t necessarily going to be applicable tomorrow.” Unfortunately this is very true, even for students graduating today.

For the students, you should take the initiative to learn new technologies as much as possible during college. Whether it on your own or through a classroom environment, you don’t want to master an old technology that no one uses. The more you know, the better valuable you are, and the easier it is to get a job. You should always be willing to take challenges and see it to the end.