Women in Tech

In the past, the technology industry was mainly comprised of men. However, now I am glad to say that more women are venturing into the IT field and more opportunities are being opened for them. Not only from that, women are creating technology groups to collaborate ideas and learn from each other. More and more women groups have formed recently and one of the popular groups that I want to mention is right here in our community. For Tech Week, there will be many technology events for women to celebrate technology with a  focus on bringing more women on board.

One of the member of the group, Kate Krauss, was from San Francisco where there was a very low population of women in the tech scenes. She found that the community in Philadelphia is really different because it is not just focused on women but also about technology.

There will be a first ever Women in Tech Summit which will be on April 21st at Wharton, Philadelphia. This event will bring in female hackers, developers, designers, and executives to come together and connect. There are only 25% women in IT but this is expected to increase over time.

If you want to join the women tech groups, here are some popular in Philly such as Web Start Women, Girl Develop IT etc. All female students who are enrolled in IT or MIS major should not be intimidated by the male-dominated field because we can do as much as they do.

If you want to know more about this subject click on this article: Philadelphia County where Philly women are joining the ever-expanding technology party

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