MIS 2502: NoSQL

NoSQL is a type of data store used to store and retrieve data quickly. It isn’t too different than a relational database other than the fact that it isn’t based on the mathematical relationship between tables as a traditional relational database does. NoSQL data stores can be much faster than relational databases but normally does not have the strength that those provide for the speed. Since the emergence of mega websites such as Facebook and Google, NoSQL The growth of ultra large websites like Facebook and Google, NoSQLhas made extraordinary emergence because of its much faster speed and reliability. One of the biggest reasons to use a NoSQL database is that a lot of NoSQL databases are much more suited to perform analytical queries. Another very big reason to opt for NoSQL is that its databases are always designed to scale. As the databases grow, they scale out automatically. The topic is in direct correspondence with the course. As the name suggests, the purpose of our course is to learn data analytics and since NoSQL is a type of data store, it relates to most of the topics in this class. From the very first week we have been studying what a data and data base are. Subsequently, we learnt how to design database systems and analyze data to achieve our goals. In the simplest of terms, NoSQL would fall under all those teachings. The biggest topic that I can safely relate NoSQL to is MySQL. It essentially serves the same purpose. The only difference that I could spot between the two is you have to manually input a lot of data in NoSQL databases. However, they are much quicker and much better suited for extraordinarily big databases.The case study that I am going to talk about is pertaining Large Financial Investment Stock Trades. Since a stock trading system is based on a large commercial database, NoSQL was just the perfect choice for it. Stock markets require immediate action and NoSQL allows data to be retrieved immediately too.


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