Platinum Record

Platnium Luxury Auctions set record price at March auction.The approximately $1.5 million was the highest residential sale achieved in the city for the past years.The March auction attracted interest from bidders around the world.Platinum conducted the sale in cooperation with prestigious Palm Beach firm Fite Shavell and Associates.

73 Year Old Man getting his Auctioneer License

Story of 73 Year old, Ike Elcher getting his auctioneer license. Showing a story of his life and his household collection.

Bid Calling Lesson #1

By:singingpine at Youtube

First lesson on calling as an auctioneer. Counting up to 10 with words put in between them just as you would if you were to be bidding off an item at an auction.

Fine Little Auctioneer Song


Just a fun little Auctionner song sang by Leroy Vandyke.

eBay Frauds Beware

By:iwantcollectables Youtube

This is an old but informative video of what to be aware of on eBay to make sure you are not being scammed.Though this is an 5 year old video, this kind of activity is still very much going on today. If you are interested in buying something on eBay, I would suggest checking out this video before you do so.

Tips on How Not To Bid At An Auction

By:Vantango1980 on Youtube

This is a video about an estate auction.It shows how you should be more aware of your surrounding. If others are not bidding against you there is usually good reason why. This also shows how its crucial to know what your doing and to have experience or else you will make big mistakes like they have in this video.

What To Expect At A Car Auction

By:Sportscarmarket Youtube

Interesting video on Youtube about what to expect when you go to a car sales auction. It explains how it takes a lot of money to make the payments.It explains how the contracts are conducted with 8% buy fee, 10% on memorabilia.

Mob-connected Hotel Up For Auction On eBay

Mob-connected hotel open for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $2 million.This location is on the shores of Fox Lake. This hotel once drew Al Capeone. The reason this hotel is being put up for auction is because it fell on hard times.The hotel is said to be haunted.Pete Jakstas, 72, owner of the Mineola Hotel and Lounge in Fox Lake.

Munch’s ‘Scream’ made new Art Auction record

Everybody knows of the famous painting ‘Scream.’ Now we can also know that on Wednesday that painting set the new record for most expensive artwork.The winning bid was Sotheby’s auction for $120 million.Officials say the proceeds will go toward building a museum in Norway. This makes me want to learn about art so I can maybe hit that big amount one day.

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" auctioned at Sotheby's, New York, May 2, 2012.

Albert Levy organizing his first auction

Island antiques dealer, Albert Levy is planning on organizing his first auction in his Worth avenue gallery. It’s slated to begin at 2 on Sunday May 6th, 2012. He has hired a licensed auctioneer to conduct sales. This is a well antcipated event as the projected sales is to be roughly $1 million with 75 of the sales coming from Palm Beach.