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Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

Shopping is a big part of the Thanksgiving celebration, and the merchandising businesses use their unique marketing tools to compete with each other and attract customers to their business. It reminds me of a reasearch paper about marketing and psychology. Ihe research shows that the sale price of a woman’s dress was raised from $34 to $39, and sales increased 33%. Is that hard to believe? It is the “99 cents” marketing magic! Be careful, do not get lost in the post-Thanksgiving shopping crowd!

Money Matter

I like lyric of U2 ” Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching.”

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  1. Yin Liu says:

    Being a transfer student at Temple, it is all about fresh experience and creativity: new school, new class, and new way of teaching and learning. We are not the passive “duck” waiting for the Professor to feed us. We became the owner of learning, and we walked to the center of the teaching stage. With IPad’s help, team’s presentations are full of a variety of different flavors: videos, links, facebook, and tweeter. All these media make learning more fun and visible. With our IPads we had completed a quiz on facebook, we surfed the web to support our material, we did question-answers match activates, and we reviewed lectures and presentations. We are all connected, engaged, and interact during classes, and we discuss subjects and give feedback after presentations. Everything is so efficient. I am so excited and amazed about the class and new technology. I am thinking about adding MIS as my minor with International Business Administration. I am lucky to be in Prof. O’Donnell’s class. He offers us career advice, he inspires critical thinking, he encourages us to be the owner of learning, and he gives us a chance to practice in real world. It is a fantastic learning experience.

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I have similar a learning experience with the...
Yin Liu 11:17am Nov 19
I have similar a learning experience with the author with integrating IPad in my studies. My interest and appreciation for new technology reaches a historical high all because of my Prof. O’DonnelI brought the IPad to class. Looking back, I feel lucky to be in his class. I registered MIS in my first semester at Temple because the computer is my weakness, and I do not want to fall behind. I am a traditional learner, and I did not grow up in a high tech era or country. I got my IPod and IPhone they were in fashion. Until I used the IPad as a tool of study, I did not know of high tech’s power. We used textplus and edmodo app’s for presentations. Either people or groups were connected by IPad. We were reminded the following key concept, we did quiz’s and games and we got feedback immediately. It is fun and exciting learning atmosphere. In the past two weeks, I had three important meetings. Since I set reminders, it freed my mind to focus on my studies. I am reading my text books while traveling, I check messages between classes and short breaks. Now, I am pursuing my career in MIS. Efficiency and easy to use makes IPad a must to have. Buy one, the dividend rewards are beyond imagination.

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Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson 7:16am Nov 18
I recommend y’all post comments on this page about your experience with using iPads in 2901. Chris has a huge audience and it would be great for him to hear about what’s going on in this class.

Education and Technology: Can They Coexist? ~ LockerGnome
When I went to high school, being caught in class with a Sony Walkman (the cassette playing version,…

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