Common on “New Year’s Day Party” by Ruth Z Deming

Ruth, the picture you posted makes me home sick. It is “Zhongshan Square,” the heart of the city (Dalian) which is surrounded by a mixture of Japanese style, Russian style, and modern Chinese styles of buildings. Actually, my former office was five minutes walking distance away. There was a large fountain in the middle of the square, famous classical music, and flocks of pigeons on the grass. Also there were crowed groups doing exercises in the morning and evening. The square also leads to the famous “Tianjing Street” which concentrated hundreds of clothing shops, delicious traditional local food, and fine Chinese cuisine restaurant. This summer, my nephew and I ate the fried green bean paste on a bus there.

You mentioned my black spike heels; they are my favorite shoes among over a hundred of pairs. They are the “Belly” brand and made in Italy. Importantly they are comfortable, and they were a last minute pick before the party.

Thank you for the invitation, meeting talented people and eating delicious homemade food, we had a good time. I saw the painting; it does fit your wall color well. Good choice!

I saw the pistachio was listed as one of the low carb food you listed on your chicken bullet. It also has anti-depression function. In the blue winter, we need them more. I often buy them in “Traders Joe” with perfect size pack and natural flavor. Costco’s pistachio is salty in 3 lb. packs. Somehow, a big bag stops my esthetic desire to eat. Conversely, I eat more when buying a small bag. I feel I have accomplished when I finished a bag. Is it a phycology effect?

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  • Ruth Deming says:

    Yin, what a wonderful blog you have! We certainly do love our pistachios! I’m on a lo-salt diet so I buy the unsalted pistachios from the ‘bin’ at the nearby Giant Supermarket. It must be difficult being so far away from home. I used to live in Cleveland, OH, and my sister and I drove there two years ago. We revisited all of our old familiar places, saw some friends and relatives, and had a wonderful time. Hope you too can return to your ancestral home!

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