I am on Temple Flyer!

As a member of the IPAd Pilot Program in my MIS (Management Information System) honor class last semester, I am on the flyer (with pink jacket in the pictures below)!

Thanks Professor Carey O’Donnell for bringing the IPAD to our class. He created a dynamic learning atmosphere by integrating electronic tools – IPAD and e-textbook.

We teamed up in groups and interacted in the class for teaching and learning. It was a wonderful  learning experience!


Comments on MIS Week-2 Questions

  1. What advice would you give to make sure an ERD accurately represents the business event it is supposed to capture?

In order to capture a business event and represents it in ERD (The Entity Relationship Diagram) in an accurate manner, my advice is to analyze the process (business situation), map it with three key elements (entity, attribute, and relationship), and normalize it by following three rules.

First of all, track through the process, and then decode an entity, which is being described and a uniquely identifiable thing, such as person and order. It is most likely following by  words “described by” or “defined by.” Cardinality defines the rules of the association between entities.

Secondly, find out each entity’s attribute, which is a character of an entity or relationship, for example, first name or order number. This describes the entity and would repeat like “order number” and “order data.”

Finally, build the relationship between entities and its attributes by following three rules: create a table (set of related records: set of related fields) for each entity, create table fields (set of related characters: single letter or number) for every entity’s attributes, and create a new table showing the relationship between the entities tables. The primary key field of one table put into “many” (other) tables as a foreign key field.

By organizing data to minimize redundancy, the normalization processing is not only saving space but also avoiding mistakes by repeating the entering of multiple data. In this way, retrieve the date from the database (set of related tables) is relative easy for future use.


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2. Give an example in your own experience where you saw data turned into information. For example (so you can’t use this one!), we discussed how Amazon takes individual purchases (data) makes suggestions about what you might want to buy (information).

At the end of each semester, the school requires all students to fill out evaluation forms for their professors. The students’ feedback is in real time and unorganized raw facts. Then, all departments gather those facts, perform an analysis, and transform them into meaningful information which is an important part of the historical database for the school. This information can be used to adjust future courses and guide faculty, therefore improving the quality of education. Actually, it is the process that turns data into information.


“Your Glorious Self “

Tonight is  the Chinese Dragon New Year’s Eve. New year, new semester, and I would like to share a great message by Giselle  Massi. with everyone.
Have a fruitful 2012!
Your Glorious Self
May there be peace within and without. May it begin with you and spread by your healing touch and laughter. May you know deep in your heart that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now as you receive my gratitude for all you mean to me. May you be reminded by each morning’s light of the possibilities that grow out of love for yourself. May the natural gifts you were born with, and the skills and virtues you developed by your persistence, be seen by others so they are uplifted by your uniqueness. May you be fulfilled just knowing you are loved by me, and loved by so so many others, who delight in seeing your smile and hearing your voice. May you take the freedom to be your full, glorious self to an extreme art form today because I know if you do you will make a huge difference in someone’s life just like you have done in mine.
- Giselle M. Massi.

Common on “New Year’s Day Party” by Ruth Z Deming

Ruth, the picture you posted makes me home sick. It is “Zhongshan Square,” the heart of the city (Dalian) which is surrounded by a mixture of Japanese style, Russian style, and modern Chinese styles of buildings. Actually, my former office was five minutes walking distance away. There was a large fountain in the middle of the square, famous classical music, and flocks of pigeons on the grass. Also there were crowed groups doing exercises in the morning and evening. The square also leads to the famous “Tianjing Street” which concentrated hundreds of clothing shops, delicious traditional local food, and fine Chinese cuisine restaurant. This summer, my nephew and I ate the fried green bean paste on a bus there.

You mentioned my black spike heels; they are my favorite shoes among over a hundred of pairs. They are the “Belly” brand and made in Italy. Importantly they are comfortable, and they were a last minute pick before the party.

Thank you for the invitation, meeting talented people and eating delicious homemade food, we had a good time. I saw the painting; it does fit your wall color well. Good choice!

I saw the pistachio was listed as one of the low carb food you listed on your chicken bullet. It also has anti-depression function. In the blue winter, we need them more. I often buy them in “Traders Joe” with perfect size pack and natural flavor. Costco’s pistachio is salty in 3 lb. packs. Somehow, a big bag stops my esthetic desire to eat. Conversely, I eat more when buying a small bag. I feel I have accomplished when I finished a bag. Is it a phycology effect?

Ruth Z Deming’s link:

The Belle of Cowbell: The Bipolar Therapist from Willow Grove, PA

Fashion Bug

This Christmas I brought myself a Prada cashmere sweater. It was on sale, and its cream color matches my Missoni silk skirt perfectly. I cannot be happier.  As Louis Vuitton executive designer, Marc Jacobs, comments, “fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a within. You don’t need it. You want it. ” My passion for fashion is never fluctuated like economy, and my dream job is involved fashion as well.





Happy Meals?

During the busy holiday shopping spree and travelling, no doubt McDonalds is a popular place to eat and relax. Why is that?  During a trip to visit your relatives out of the town, do you want to stop by McDonalds or healthy salad bar? The answer is clear, safe and certainty is the choice instead of eating healthy. Now, they attract 60 million people every day in the world although nutrition and science raise concerns about the health of eating there for customers. I am not arguing about happy meals or unhappy meals here. As a fast-food hamburger chain, $23 billion of annually revenues proved its performer. The number beneath the golden arches changed from year to year, from small to huge since its first incorporation in 1962. A couple of weeks ago, I saw the number was “99 billion served;” now it has been replaced with “billions and billions served.” The number was change, but the marketing strategy remains the same, the social approval. It was tested by time for being a successful strategy. I first saw the Golden Arches in London in 1989 during my business trip there, before I came to America, and now I see it at every corner around of the world. The Golden Arches became a symbol of capitalism and globalization along with Coca-Cola and the Nike corporations.

Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

Shopping is a big part of the Thanksgiving celebration, and the merchandising businesses use their unique marketing tools to compete with each other and attract customers to their business. It reminds me of a reasearch paper about marketing and psychology. Ihe research shows that the sale price of a woman’s dress was raised from $34 to $39, and sales increased 33%. Is that hard to believe? It is the “99 cents” marketing magic! Be careful, do not get lost in the post-Thanksgiving shopping crowd!

Money Matter

I like lyric of U2 ” Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching.”

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2 Responses to “There’s an App for that”

  1. Yin Liu says:

    Being a transfer student at Temple, it is all about fresh experience and creativity: new school, new class, and new way of teaching and learning. We are not the passive “duck” waiting for the Professor to feed us. We became the owner of learning, and we walked to the center of the teaching stage. With IPad’s help, team’s presentations are full of a variety of different flavors: videos, links, facebook, and tweeter. All these media make learning more fun and visible. With our IPads we had completed a quiz on facebook, we surfed the web to support our material, we did question-answers match activates, and we reviewed lectures and presentations. We are all connected, engaged, and interact during classes, and we discuss subjects and give feedback after presentations. Everything is so efficient. I am so excited and amazed about the class and new technology. I am thinking about adding MIS as my minor with International Business Administration. I am lucky to be in Prof. O’Donnell’s class. He offers us career advice, he inspires critical thinking, he encourages us to be the owner of learning, and he gives us a chance to practice in real world. It is a fantastic learning experience.