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I started my 13-week journey May 20th 2013 as an IT intern supporting the Governance, Strategy and Administration (GSA) team at Campbell Soup Company.  The GSA department handles Project and Portfolio Management, Vendor/Contract Management, IT Security, Finance and Service Management functions within the IT department. As an intern, I had the opportunity to support all of these functions with the exception of Vendor/Contract Management. Since this team is involved in operations within all IT departments, I gained the perspective to view the entire IT organization as a whole unlike some of my peers who worked in more focused areas. These interactions with different departments taught me how to properly tailor my messages to address different audiences.

During my internship I worked on several highly visible projects that helped develop my technical, design and communication skills.

  • For my first significant project, I designed and executed the SharePoint site for our IT governance process, which is used by the entire department to conduct IT projects. I completed the migration of over hundred and thirty documents from IBM Lotus Connections wikis to libraries in Microsoft SharePoint. I came into this project with no previous SharePoint experience. After completing SharePoint Administrator training and playing around with the tool as I created the site, I have become very proficient at SharePoint. By utilizing the SharePoint platform, I was able to improve the end user experience to make navigating our governance process easier without completely throwing out the structure from the previous site.
  • The second significant project I worked on involved data quality checks in two project management tools, CA Clarity and Axis COMPASS. Once again, these were tools I had no previous experience with. After a walkthrough, I identified the projects that should be flagged for various issues. I then coordinated a resolutions process that involved sending out emails, answering questions and following-up with 84 PMs and BEs.
  • Besides these two longer projects, I worked on several smaller projects and assignments in between. I created the initial training guide for the cost to service application, Apptio. Additionally, I assisted with organizing and sorting through excels sheets using functions such as pivot tables, vlookup, if and match. These excel sheets were crucial to building the service management initiative the IT organization has taken on for the next fiscal year. Lastly, I worked in IT security by completing the first stage of a web address inventory and security check project.

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work in GSA because it provided the most diverse projects for me to make an impact on and gain new skills. Not only was my work experience at Campbell’s great, but also the professional development and networking opportunities stood out. The internship coordinators really committed to helping us interns, co-ops and MBAs learn how to guide our future careers. We had workshops on LinkedIn, resumes, recruiting and interviewing, as well as, hour-long snack chats with senior leaders in the company. Personally, in the IT department, all the IT interns had lunch with CIO, Joseph Spagnoletti and several opportunities to chat with VPs and directors who sought our opinions about how to improve the company. The leadership team really embraces an open-door policy at this company, which is fantastic. Furthermore, our large intern group allowed me to connect with students from other schools and backgrounds. Our group really bonded by the end of the summer and I made several new friends I plan to keep in touch with. I am fully satisfied with my internship experience and would definitely recommend the internship program at Campbell Soup Company to other MIS students!

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