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Zhi (Aaron) Cheng is a Ph.D. candidate in Business Administration, with a specialization in Management Information Systems (MIS), at Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Aaron is one of the most competitive recipients of Presidential Fellowships, the most prestigious university-wide award for graduate students at Temple, and currently the Vice President of Fox School Doctoral Student Association. Aaron also organizes the FOX MIS Ph.D. Brownbag Presentation Series. Aaron received his master degree in Management Science and Engineering at School of Business, Renmin University of China, and worked at IBM in Beijing prior to attending FOX MIS.

Aaron’s research interests include Economics of Digitization, Urban Economics (Smart City), Labor Economics (Skill-Biased Technological Change), Information, Technology, and Public Policy (Transportation, Public Health, Education), Digital Business Strategy (Retailing, Advertising, Insurance, Hospitality). His methodological expertise lies in Causal Inference and Big Data Analytics, including Econometrics, Randomized Controlled Experiment, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

Aaron has been an external researcher and data scientist for a number of companies, including TalkingData (Beijing, China), Vivat Insurance (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Hersha Hospitality Trust (Philadelphia, USA), and IBM (Beijing, China). He also serves as an external scientist for the National Health Development Research Center (Beijing, China).

For more details, please see Aaron’s research, teaching, and curriculum vitae.


E-mail: acheng@temple.edu
Please connect me on LinkedIn or Facebook.
Fox School of Business
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