Yicheng Zhao

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2019


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Through the whole semester I went to several activities not only for earning PRO but the most important is to increase my personal ability in MIS.

The first one is to join the Philadelphia Tech Summit at Rittenhouse Hotel, I had a chance to communicate with three companies: Sophos,  Galileo Performance Explorer and Computer Systems Resource, Inc. I learned a lot about how rensomware is still threaten our assets, and how these companies keep developing network protections and protect people from rensomware.

The second one is participating in research project of two of my MIS course. I did research about what is Big data and how it related to MIS2502. I give an example of the application of big data in practice is by how big businesses with huge retailing power acquire data from their customers who do shop from them. And for 3501, I made a website of quote- generator. Although I had some errors when trying to work with application, I think I can do better next time.

The last one is having an internship, I worked on two projects with my coworkers. For instance, we managed to perform data analysis of different departments such as sales, marketing, and production using mathematical and statistical techniques and reported that the organization needed to improve our business practices in order to realize profit growth. I achieved to come up with recommendations after deeply scrutinizing and analyzing the data patterns. I learned many things out of this internship. And I think it is necessary stating that the key function of a data analyst is to maintain the database by acquiring data from secondary or primary data sources of organization.

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