Alexandra Iacovetti

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


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There are two other Flash Research papers included on my site. Each of those essays solve a specific problem presented in a particular business case. This Flash Research assignment, however, features an app idea that I created for the Xbox Live ecosystem. I was inspired to design this app after news broke that Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana. I saw an opportunity to capitalize on the increasing public demand to legalize cannabis, and I considered the fact that many supporters of legal marijuana are millennials who also play video games. An explanation of the app I designed is below.



The demand for marijuana legalization is increasing in the United States. Cannipraneur (Cannabis Entrepreneur) is a first person multiplayer game available on Xbox Live that capitalizes on that demand. The game offers players the opportunity to participate in a virtual marijuana marketplace. It will generate most of its revenue from game purchases and in-game advertising.

A particular player can choose to own a legal marijuana company, run an illegitimate drug cartel, or act as a DEA agent in Cannipraneur. Each character will have to complete missions that relate to their roles in the game. Legal marijuana owners will have to get government authorization to own and operate their companies, acquire seeds and grow their own product, recruit other players to run their businesses, and manage one to 50 storefronts. Drug cartel bosses will first have to either join a gang and gain control, or start their own. They will then have to acquire product, dealers, and weapons to run their organizations. DEA agents will first earn certification through a training academy, and then they will oversee legal and illegal drug operations. Some may be recruited to infiltrate cartels and acquire intel for the DEA, with the ultimate goal of dismantling the cartel and imprisoning criminals.

Players will need to pay $60 to purchase the game, and then they will have to pay additional fees to acquire the supplies they need to progress through the game. Legal and illegal marijuana distributors will need to pay for a combination of licenses, seeds, edibles recipes, rent, weapons, and staff. DEA agents will not have to pay for anything after purchase, because they will be given budgets from the government in the game. Companies can also pay to advertise products in the game. For example, they can pay for billboard exposure. Advertisers can also sponsor food products and any other supplies players need to purchase. The political and legal controversy surrounding marijuana puts this game at risk. It may be too controversial to sell.

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