Alexandra Iacovetti

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


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Company Background:

SAP is a world-class ERP software and enterprise cloud-hosting company. Its competitors are Salesforce and Oracle.

I worked for the global Cloud Architecture & Advisory (CAA) team out of SAP’s Newtown Square office, however I collaborated with teams located around the world such as Silicon Valley, Germany, India, Australia, and South Africa. The CAA team is a critical part of SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud division, which onboards and hosts large international companies on SAP’s fully scalable and secure private cloud platform.

My Role:

I contributed to multiple projects during my internship. Most notably, I worked as an assistant project coordinator for the CAA team’s 2016 Pricing Engine testing and launch. My job included managing the testing Champions (roughly 15), reviewing testing variances, preparing documentation, and communicating with the project sponsors and steering team. Managing the testing Champions was complicated because they worked in different time zones and were often traveling or engaged in other customer meetings and workshops during our testing cycles. For example, coordinating with CAAs who were consistently in other countries or traveling between them was particularly challenging. I often had to explain to one of the project sponsors, who is also my boss and the global Vice President of the CAA team, that we would miss a deadline by a day or two because it was just impossible for the traveling CAAs to complete their tests any sooner. These conversations were empowering but equally uncomfortable. Further complicating my job, all conversations were heavily technical and part of ingrained team processes which I knew nothing about. I often had to read through email threads three times before I understood enough to draft any documentation related to the project. When I had questions, I was fortunate that everyone involved was happy to explain what I didn’t understand.

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