Alexandra Iacovetti

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


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I never expected to go to business school, or study MIS. I committed to a career in print journalism after I graduated from high school. I was a passionate young reporter: I was an editor of my high school newspaper and I was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I chose to attend Temple because of the journalism opportunities it offered as a university and as a member of the Philadelphia community. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the newspaper industry was crumbling away. I eventually chose to pursue a more stable and promising career path. Business school was the most sensible choice for me.

I transferred into Temple’s Fox School of Business unaware of its stellar reputation. Adjusting to the fast pace, challenging courses, and high demands was a difficult, but necessary initiation into the school. As I learned more about Fox’s relationships with the best companies in the world, I found the opportunity I could not find as a journalism student. I knew I made the right decision to pursue business.

I started at Fox as a Finance major, but I was intrigued by the material had I learned in my Information Systems in Organizations course. I spoke to my professor about the major, and he told me that MIS was “the hardest program in the business school.” I am naturally drawn to challenging, high-stress situations, so I happily committed myself to the program. And here I am now.



I am passionate, hard-working, and eager for achievement. I typically direct that energy into creativity and strategy. I am observant. I enjoy searching for trends and learning about the macro-environment in general. I am the type of person who would rather learn a little about lots of things rather than a lot about a little bit of things. I enjoy documenting what I learn and organizing it for later reference.

I am learning how to use my observant, creative, and strategic nature to find business problems and offer ways to solve them using technology.



As I mentioned before, I am constantly learning about new opportunities, especially in the technology industry. The more I learn, the less I know how exactly I want to develop my career. However, I do know that I enjoy project management because it involves creativity, strategy, organization, and teamwork. I can currently see myself pursuing a career in project management.

Professional Achievements

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