Alexandra Iacovetti

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Period: 10/3/2016 – 10/7/2016

Hours to Date:  25

Accomplishments for October 7, 2016

  • Met with an engineer on Wednesday.
  • Drafted list of all tasks required to complete deliverables; waiting for engineers to finalize the list.
  • Strengthened relationships with engineering team members (team development is moving out of “storming” stage).
  • Learned about engineers’ work styles. They are independent workers, and so we have to adjust our project strategy.
  • Helped engineers plan how to create the PowerPoint they need for their upcoming Critical Design Review.
  • Spoke with Courtney. 

Goals for October 10-14, 2016

  • Adjust our Project Communication Plan per Courtney’s recommendations.
  • Finalize the Project Charter and receive engineers’ signatures.
  • Finalize the Scope Document and receive engineers’ signatures.
  • Finalize the WBS.
  • Finalize the schedule.
  • Continue editing our Risk Management plan, Quality Management plan, and Change Management plan.
  • Help engineers organize their website.
  • Create more teamwork between engineers.


  • We could only meet 2 out of the 4 engineers during our weekly meeting. 
  • The engineers are not equally committed to the project. 
  • Communication with the engineers is sporadic. 
  • It is difficult to get the engineers focused during our weekly meetings.
  • The engineers are not proactively utilizing our weekly meetings. For example, during a meeting, we will bring up a task or deliverable that they need to complete. Then they usually say, “Oh, right. We need to work on that.” Then they say they will discuss it after the meeting instead of addressing it during the meeting. 

Professional Achievements

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