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IBIT Mentoring Program

This Spring, I participated in the IBIT Mentoring Program, sponsored by Laurel Miller. In this program, us MIS majors were paired up with an experienced executive that matched our career path interests. My mentor, David Woodson of KMPG, was, and continues to be, a great mentor as I venture into the field of cybersecurity. He offered me invaluable advice that I would not be able to obtain through general research methods. His vast experience and tenure in the field allowed me to get a glimpse into the work life of a cybersecurity professional, enhancing my curiosity and motivation to pursue this career path. Mr. Woodson is a great, down-to-earth guy who I still keep in contact with as he continues to find time to mentor me, even with his busy schedule. I now have a clear vision of the short-term and long-term goals I wish to accomplish in the future. I believe this program is incredibly helpful for new MIS students who want to get a preview of what life after college will look like, should they choose to stay on the path of MIS.

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