Ameenah Muhammad

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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My name is Ameenah Muhammad. This is my third year at Temple University and my first semester as a MIS major in the Fox School of Business. Almost every year since Ive attended college my personal and financial information has been mixed-up with my twin sister’s. The reasons we usually get for the mix-up is that our names are spelled similar. While its true our names are spelled similar, all other information of ours is different. So how does this happen so often even with different personal and financial information? That is why I chose MIS. I wanted to know just what it takes to manage information and the databases it is stored in. How do businesses make sure people with similar or same names, but different personal and financial data are distinguishable in their databases?

 Before transferring to Temple University, I was apart of a group at the Community College of Philadelphia called Raising Interest in STEM Education(RISE). The objective was to raise interest in STEM education and careers in minority groups. This is an important matter to me as the statistics of minorities in STEM education and careers continues to be low as the years pass. I hope that in my time as an MIS major at Temple University I can become more involved in similar groups.

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