Ameenah Muhammad

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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I am most interested Business Process Analysis, Business Administration, Financial System Analysis, Data management, and  MIS in Human resources and healthcare. These topics interest me most on a professional level because of the direct effect they have on the consumers. Financial System Analysis, Data management, and  MIS in Human resources and healthcare capture my interest most because as consumers we use our personal information to maintain or be given our livelihood. We also trust that MIS keeps our healthcare data such as records, insurance and payment together in one place and also secure and private. Ive had personal experiences in healthcare, human resources, and finance where my data being mishandled had caused my family and I problems. This is more reason why these systems will continue to need to be improved. 

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On a personal level Religious Studies, cosmetic chemistry, Food Science, Healthcare, holistic medicine, animals Quality Assurance , African American History, and American History, Science Fiction, minority STEM education and careers,  Economics, Operations Management are all interests of mine. My favorite of all my personal interest is cosmetic chemistry, food science and healthcare and animals because there are so many ingredients, choices, diseases, plants so much true and mis information out there I never get bored with reading both sides. Its always funny to hear someone say or write they don’t want a product with chemicals or they dont want a product with ingredient names they cant pronounce because they are harmful. H2O is a chemical substance no one can live without, and some ingredients have more than one name, but can simply be somethings a ssimple as a plant or flower. While im not suggesting they cannot be harmful, theres much more to an ingredient than a name. Everything is made of chemicals some just are more harmful than others, but its important to do research.  National geographic and planet earth animal series are simple never boring or upsetting and always logical.Its also great not to be invested in shows with human interaction every so often.

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