Ameenah Muhammad

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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TWEE LLC is a women owned and run small handmade sidewalk chalk company. Their chalk is in shapes such a food like pizza and donuts or and other shapes like gems, unicorn horns, and alphablets. My role as an intern was to learn the aspects of how the small business was run. I got to do things such as pack, make, and label the boxes and product, learn how items are shipped, and how the chalk is made. One of the main things I did as an intern that relates directly to my major was manage the companies customer data in Salesforce. My first experience with the customer relationship management system was in MIS 2101 for the Max lab assignments. I hate to create an app based on the directions given for the lab assignment. I did not know anymore about the system except what I learned from the class and about having a customer relationship management system as a business, therefore I had to learn everything more that I did for the company in salesforce through reading tutorials and watching videos.

In salesforce, I created lists and list views of accounts which were other wholesalers and retailers such as prospects, currents stores, inactive etc. I also modified different pages such as the orders and accounts pages by making and adding objects such as pick lists, layouts, processes, validation rules, and buttons to better organize each page. These things were important because the business caters to over 100 retailers in the US and internationally. Before using salesforce the data was managed in google sheets for each store before and after transactions. I organized the data in Excel and imported it into Salesforce and managed it in the system from there.The organization of the data was another important part as in salesforce its sometimes hard to undo data input into the system if it is not checked for things such as duplicates, empty fields, incorrect labeling or saved as a comma separated value file. I also managed data taken from paypal in the Excel spreadsheets to be put into Salesforce.

Later in the internship I was fortunate enough to get the chance to go to NYNOW 2018 at the Javits Center thanks to the owners. NYNOW is a gift fair at which many small businesses and retailers go to make sales and do outreach. I got to learn how TWEE does outreach at events such as this. Working with TWEE was one of my favorite internship experiences and I can say without a doubt it benefited me both professionally and personally. The owners presented a positive experience and work atmosphere which made it easy and comfortable to learn.

Professional Achievements

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