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Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2015


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Wrapping our project up this week has definitely not been the most simple task. On Tuesday, the PM’s met as a group to go over our final deliverables and make sure that all documents have been accounted for. We proofread everyone’s plans which included a quality, change management, risk, human resource management, and charter. The documents then included some other deliverables such as a risk log and a change management request. We then had to decide on the order which we will line up all of our documents, so that they make the most sense to whoever is reading our project plan. On top of this, our BA’s presented their project to the class. They did a really awesome job with their prototype and business case, I am excited to hand in our final project and see how the BA’s compare to their classmates in regard to their final grade.

Now the our BA’s know exactly what is their differentiator with their prototype, they can officially develop it and mold it into what will be the best use of an ecommerce strategy. This week at our meeting they seemed really excited about what they have so far, as they should be, considering it looked really really great. There are a couple of more tweaks that need to be made to make the site outstanding, but what they have so far at this time in the process is great. To go along with that, the final drafts of their scope document along with the business rules and project deliverables are coming along great. Very excited to see what next week has in store.

This week in the world of project management I would say it was very successful on the BA and PM end. Everyone was able to meet and discuss more innovation at our meeting, talking about ways that we can differentiate our project from other teams ecommerce sites. Some of the suggestions we gave to the BA’s were to insert a QR code, and to make it more of an “after hours” sheet to fill out. The theme of it being for when the shop closes and contractors still want to put in an order, but can’t do it over the phone or in person, so they can make an online order form different than the standard  one that companies use. We will continue to develop this and evaluate the BA’s prototypes at upcoming meetings. I also looked over the scope document this week making some final changed before the final draft is to be submitted.

This past week in the world of project management I was able to catch up with one of the BA’s in a quick meeting on Wednesday, where we went over the status of their project. It seemed like they had a good handle on things. I wish I was able to get more details, however because of prior commitments I am not able to attend the weekly meetings. Starting next week however, I will be in attendance and plan to utilize my innovation and brain storming talents to help the BA’s envision the right prototype to create. What I have heard from my fellow project managers is that the BA’s simply got one idea in their heads and without more innovative thinking or brainstorming are not coming up with anything else, when their project could be so much bigger and better. I plan to do some exercises with them in the upcoming week to really utilize and stress that there is so much more out there that they can create, because if they don’t the result will not be what they are looking for out of the class.

This past week was a successful and progressive week in the lives of the BA’s and PM’s. We are finalizing the documents and are starting the brainstorming and possible solution seeking exercises. I am very excited to be on the opposite side of the table this time around, getting to guide the BA’s through their innovation instead of having to be the primary source of solutions and project prototyping. It is very interesting to see what the BA’s are coming up and comparing it to my own, because not too long ago I was in their exact shoes. It will not be long until they finalize their ideas and turn them into a great proposal. I am very excited to watch and help it unfold.

This past week was a busy week for the BA’s, as they prepared for their second exam covering swim lanes and more analysis technique. On the project management side, we as a team really started to dive into Microsoft Project so that we could continue to harness it for our team’s success. The project itself is such an interesting tool to use and to map out projects. It makes the entire process seem much more clear and concise, as opposed to having a bunch of tasks and objectives laid out on a sheet of paper or excel document. As we continue with the project, we plan to document all information using the program, and continue to communicate with the BA’s so that our team can be as successful as possible.

This past week was a very productive time for our BA’s and PM’s. On Monday we has a regrouping to discuss the status of our project, and to relay some expectations we have from each other. The PM’s finalized the individual tasks each of us are going to handle, and when we would like that to be completed by. I also have been using Microsoft Project to track these tasks. Microsoft Project was a bit tricky to learn and understand at first, but the more I use it the more I see how useful it is to have during a project to not just see what you have completed, but also where you can go from here and what steps to take next. I will continue to complete my tasks and learn more about the tool

This past week, both the PM’s and BA’s completed exams testing what we have learned so far in our respective courses. For the majority of our previous meetings what was discussed was how to be successful with the exams, and how to approach them considering they also play a role in the business analysis role. Other than the exam, brainstorming and Justin Mind overview processes have started. The BA’s seem excited to tackle the task at hand and are very diligently listening to the advice that we give them as project managers on how to be successful analysts. Fingers crossed this theme continues for the duration of the project.

Thus far, our team has been doing a great job of delegating tasks and staying motiovated to keep the project moving along. I personally have been asked to look at scope documents and revise the individual ones. Some things that are not working would have to be the conflic in people’s various and busy schedules. Between commuters and extra curricular activities it has been difficult to find a time for all of the PM’s and BA’s to meet. A couple resoultions we have come up with would be to separate the PM’s intp groups of two to individually meet with the BA’s at separate times depending on what they are working on, or to meet virtually via WEBx or skype. Hopefully we can all gather a time to move onto to the next phase of the project and soon begin prototyping.

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    • Assist at a department sponsored eventSpring 2014

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2013, Fall 2014

    • IBIT/CDI Challenge or ConferenceFall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014

    • AIS professional development workshopSpring 2014

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