Anne E Buckley

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2015


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Wrapping our project up this week has definitely not been the most simple task. On Tuesday, the PM’s met as a group to go over our final deliverables and make sure that all documents have been accounted for. We proofread everyone’s plans which included a quality, change management, risk, human resource management, and charter. The documents then included some other deliverables such as a risk log and a change management request. We then had to decide on the order which we will line up all of our documents, so that they make the most sense to whoever is reading our project plan. On top of this, our BA’s presented their project to the class. They did a really awesome job with their prototype and business case, I am excited to hand in our final project and see how the BA’s compare to their classmates in regard to their final grade.

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