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Outside Operations Assistant

During the fall season, I worked as a part-time Outside Operations Assistant for Old York Road Country Club in their Golf department. In this role, my primary responsibility was to communicate with members both verbally and in writing regarding club news (Tournaments, Course Closure, Frost/Rain Delays, etc.), changes to their tee times, and any golf cart regulations in place for the day. I was responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of clubs and carts throughout the day, as well as opening and locking up the pro shop and other rooms each day. One of the significant projects I worked on during my tenure was the implementation of a customer service feedback system. This system allowed members to fill out a form anonymously with their concerns or any questions about the customer service being provided at the club. The feedback helped us improve our services and provide a better experience to our members. This position enabled me to develop and improve my communication and organizational skills. I also learned how to use golf course management software such as Foretees and Golf Genius. Overall, my experience as an Outside Operations Assistant at Old York Road Country Club was very enriching and allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge.

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