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Statistics 1102- In this course, I learned a mix of calculus, algebra, and for the most part simple calculation that relate to the probability of an event occurring.

Workings of the Mind- In this course, I learned the structure and the anatomy of the brain along side the reasons behind the decisions we make in our everyday lives.

Intro to Academic Discourse- In this course, I learned how to analyze a readers point of view and write essays in regards to how the author supported the arguments proposed in the readings done in class.

Macroeconomics- In this course, I learned about all of the decision making, structure, and the trends of todays large scale business market and the economy as a whole.

Leadership and Organizational Management- In this course, I learned all the proper ways a business should run and how the employees and customers create a lasting impact on the company. I learned things such as ethics, culture, organization, and much more.


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