Tip for finding missing citations using EndNote X6 with Microsoft Word

I have a love/hate relationship with both EndNote and Microsoft Word. Through a combination of path dependence and coordinating with co-authors, I’m yet to make the move to something that might work better.

One of the biggest advantages of a citation management tool is automatic bibliography creation. Alas, as I work on multiple revisions of a file, I sometimes get snagged by cut-and-paste issues with EndNote field codes disappearing. The result references in the text that looks just fine, but lacking those magic hidden fields they don’t show up in the automatically generated bibliography.

Here’s the simplest way I’ve found to catch those missing references. When reviewing a draft copy, turn on the EndNote feature that both hyperlinks references and underlines them. Here’s a screen shot showing the options to select:

EndNote Screen Shot

EndNote tip: Enable these options to catch all your citations.

Now as you’re proofreading your text it’ll be immediately obvious which citations are lacking the field codes to appear in the bibliography.

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