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Digital Marketing Foundations

In this course I learned about the foundations of digital marketing from Brad Batesole. There are many aspects to digital marketing from data collection to marketing and advertising. Batesole talks about what key data points need to be captured throughout the customer journey digitally which allows you to better market to your audience. He explains this with the consumer marketing funnel which starts with awareness of a product, interest in the product or the company, desire for the product or service, and action which is the purchasing point and also the point of loyalty. Capturing this data in each stage can help you push the consumer to be more willing to buy by creating more meaningful and relevant messages.

There are many types of digital marketing tools and he discusses the importance of all of them and making sure that they are all in line with each other. A cohesive website and marketing campaign because making a lasting and relevant impression on consumers takes only a few seconds. Whether they become aware of you through social media or different channels or even emails, the most important thing is that everything relays the same message and is specific but not overwhelming.

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