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Chat with Black Professionals in Cybersecurity

This event was centered around the unique opportunities, challenges, and outcomes of black professionals in cybersecurity.

Hakeem, Tennisha, Jamie, and Ian started by outlining their background and giving some basic advice. They also touched on the strengths of being a minority in a career, such as offering a new perspective in group dynamics at their jobs.

One thing that was often mentioned was how open-ended a career in technology/business is. In addition to tech-heavy jobs like software engineering and data science, there are also needs for creative and leadership jobs, such as project managers.

The panel also gave advice on how to get into the industry. Most advice centered around having an open mind/growth mindset, taking risks, experimenting with different career routes, and showing continuous interest.

The panel also talked about their struggles with being a minority during their career rise. In addition, they talked about experiencing microaggressions and how to respond in the workplace. The importance of pushing through these challenges was also mentioned, such as Hakeem explaining that his philosophy is “if you want it bad enough, you will achieve it” regardless of circumstances.

Overall, the panel was insightful and helpful in my future tech career.

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