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Cybersecurity Professionals: The New Warfighters for National Security Webinar

During this presentation, Rodney Newtown talked about the most pressing cybersecurity threats, the need for security, and the role of IT Auditors in the business world.

Some of the most pressing threats include data breaching and supply chain security issues. 600 billion dollars are lost due to cybersecurity leaks and theft.

Rodney then talked about the Defenese Industrial Base (DIB), which is a government organization that allows all types of companies to help supply the US military. Includes small mom+pop companies all the way up to Fortune 500, and IT companies that provide managed services (cloud applications).

The role of IT Audit Professionals was discussed next. Such as their importance in detecting vulnerabilities, and protecting data/maintaining customer trust and privacy.

The CMMC exam was also touched on for people looking to take things a step further with a certification for IT Auditors. A timeline of the CMMC was detailed.

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